THE FINAL RISING & ASCEND! ~ June 23, 2022



By Ramona Lappin

We have the deepest Transformations, Clearings, Healings, Upgrades and Expansions happening. All Polarities become amplified before their final full collapse within the Zero Point Field of Divine Neutrality and Love.

Also a little check in how everyOne is FEELing, as I myself have been busy mastering the art of BEing and doing nothing again. So very much needed with our CNS (central nervous system) receiving much healing along with the Upgrades to our vagus nerve, many of us are being guided to go deep within and just rest in the beingness of their Eternal Self. As this relaxed state is what allows us to merge with our higher identities and Source. As we connect within the stillness with all those places that still require integration, healing, release, more love, alchemisation and transformation.

We’re accessing Cosmic God Source Consciousness, our Original Divine Blueprints and Patterns of Perfection, connecting with the God World’s, which is way beyond 5D!


MASSIVE CLEARINGS of the Collective Shadow Body, fallen Timelines, inverted Consciousness and limiting programmming/ belief systems has been ongoing but especially heightened over the past two days, along with all negative entities, aliens, energies, frequencies, interference patterns, reversals, artificial materials and signals, all and everything that we are clearing at an individual and collective level that was part of the old distorted Blueprints and Templates, and it’s no small feat, yet it’s also coming to it’s final completion. Better to hide somewhere in a cave as the lower energies release haha. But no matter what may be perceived, The Golden Timeline and One True Organic Ascension Realities, have been fully anchored, activated and are coming online now!

As we start to feel truly at home and safe in our body, on this Earth, no matter what goes on around us, is what allows our higher identities and Multidimensional Self to merge fully as ONE Consciousness with our physical, mental and emotional bodies. We can see this as a massive final entity removal, soul retrieval, walk in, merging and sorting out process that is happening at a Collective Monadic level, as the Collective Consciousness is about to fully re-member and UNIFY AS ONE again.

The last week especially has brought and allowed us, to anchor a whole new level of higher Dimensional Frequency Light and Consciousness Waves onto the Planet for OUR FINAL RISING & ASCEND out of the fallen Realities, as we fully awaken from the quantum dream and remember again, from deep within! As all of our deepest wounds and traumas are being shown to us to allow for their final and full Healing to take place as our perceptions and projections shifts, so do our Realities! All that is false and artificial is being purged and revealed for what it is, as we see the Truth beyond the lies, manipulations, false perceptions, projections, the highjacked agendas and narratives, as we see through the illusions of the old Matrix, we re-reverse everything! Reclaiming our Realities, our True History, Divine Blueprints, Source Codes and Consciousness. Free and Sovereign again as our own masters as we take full responsibility and accountability for all of our co-creations. All of our Multidimensional Self, all those Soul pieces that were lost or stolen, fragmented off, healing..


Which is happening at a Collective level for the Core Monad of the 144k and their associated Archetypes that we are alchemising, as we let go of the False Parent Archetypes, and all those behaviours, beliefs, ways of being and thinking just no longer work and becomes obsolete as ALL NEW REALITIES REQUIRE ALL NEW WAYS OF BEING, and are replaced by a higher Divine Cosmic Blueprint and underlying Consciousness.

We are mastering the Art of BEingness, of self care, of letting go and letting God show us the way, free of attachments to the material from or illusions of matter, neither an outcome, as we FULLY SURRENDER ALL OF OUR old false SELF, false control and need to know, TO the SOURCE within. TO OUR SACRED KRYSTAL HEART.

Transce-ending all remaining illusions of separation held deep within us NOW, so we can RISE IN UNITY AGAIN, AS ONE!!

As we continue to purge all that we are not to merge with all that we are at our Core, through the purity of our Heart, our intend, we fully merge with our True Multidimensional Diamond Avatar Self, TIMELESSLY. All-ways NOW. All-ready ascended, all all-ready here and accessible in the quantum field.

As many of us can feel MASSIVE QUANTUM LEAPS are unfolding as the last veil is lifting…

Allow this sacred Transformation that is happening at a deep quantum, cellular, atomic, subatomic, molecular and DNA level, as we transform from carbon to Crystalline, just as the Alchemist transforms lead into gold. Allow your inner butterfly to transform itself into its brilliant colourful, unique Diamond Self, as much is happening inside the cocoon!

As all is being purified and purged.

All is being lifted up into a higher dimensional Frequency.

All that is false and artificial dissolves through our neutral Observer state within the chaos.

In this powerful stream of Diamond White, Golden, Platinum and Aquamarine Light all of life is returned to its Original Divine Blueprints or returns to Source.

All fallen Timelines seen for what they is what neutralises them, allows us to overwrite and re-write them all, co-creating a whole new script. Awakening from the slumber of our forgetfulness. Releasing all remaining imagined and false constraints, cords, hooks, attachments to the old. No longer falling for the illusions of the false Matrix is what dissolves them.

As we get tested in our mastery at ever step, over our Realities now, our own Consciousness, if we can keep our own peace, love and light held deep within.

Allow ourselves to rest within the silence of our Eternal Self, resting in the timeless peace that surpasses all understanding.. we transform from the inside out like the butterflies that we are, in all of our luminous and brilliant, sparkling colours! 🦋

All else comes from here, where the doing comes from the state of our aligned beingness and a deep stillness that lies at the Core of Creation and we are always atONE with.

As we find all the answers we don’t even know all the questions to, within this stillness, within the silence of the mind…when we have dropped deep into the Heart and begin to listen.. travelling to the core of it all..

Yet now-here to go to, as all is right there, inside of us, all-ways now.



Much is revealed to us within the stillness, through our direct connection to our True Self and the Source within.


With any moment now the final curtain fully falling, lifting and revealing ALL… and how things truly are..

Eternal Love Blessings,

Ramona 💙


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