Crystal and indigo guide to the galaxy ~ June 23, 2022







The awakening process will be getting a different form from this solstice portal and on.

This is the opening of a new step in the process of self realisation and self becoming.

What this truly will be, is a growth process for all beings in this game.

The real thing only starts now and the phase we are entering will be a new challenging process for all,

in the sense that it will be bringing down all childish self deceptions and distortions that existed up until now in the world as we perceived it.

This will give everyone the free will choice to either take full responsibility of their own existence in life but also in the broader scheme of the cosmos, or not.

Many cosmo-theories of the mind boxes will be dissolved.

The cosmos will cease to be a theory and it will become the actual experienced reality.

The realisations that will be passing through the body and

the nervous system will be real and will be changing the very structure of life and awareness in the self while transforming the view and meaning of existence that was once held.

So this new step will be bringing an existential crisis

along with the blessing of every bit of detail, clear guidance and magical support that one will be needing to follow,

in order to make it through on to the next level

which will be the achievement of a new understanding of the self, life, the true cosmos and the role of the sovereign and innocent being in it.

Panic, denial, desperation or self pity will not help as what is coming is the dropping of childish and codependent behaviours that were running in the generational patterns and the embracing of adulthood in all aspects of the self.

This means that as we are coming back online/alive, we are becoming again beings of the true cosmos.

For these upcoming experiences everything the true self wanted to reveal, it has already been delivered to each and every one.

Everyone knows the truth but often the truth was neglected due to programs of convenience, weakness, pain, fear, separation, deception, shame, self rejection, false sense of safety, indoctrination, dependency etc.

Trauma was to be addressed and not escaped and the shadow self was to be known and not kept in hide so that one could be able to make it through

the last phases of the revealing and the becoming, which were always meant to be the most demanding of all and this will be very apparent during the next months.

Admitting and taking the self responsibility of everything one has chosen to ever live and mirror back to the self, whether consciously or unconsciously, is the key.


Self discovery, self knowledge, realisation of true origin, honesty, acceptance and humbleness are the way forward to regaining wholeness and a position in the cosmos.

During the times of transformation of the physical reality,

each will be experiencing different events according to their inner beliefs and their position is the true scheme of all things in the cosmos.

Never before the realisation of what a magical, divine and living sovereign creator is, will be more apparent.

Dropping the square thinking means leaving the box.

The child is leaving the saturnian box of the laws of limitation,

the prison of the mind and is entering into a soul, body and spirit reconnection to the limitless and infinite possibilities of True Source of Life,

in the Law of the organic existence of Love and Respect for all beings,

with self responsibility, sovereignty and innocence as a Divine Creator.

The Solar path takes courage and humbleness

but it ensures the bending of all childish distortions,

demands and resistances and this is our actual reassurance that all is going to be fine!

TWIN FLAMES, new phase:


‘’It is OK now.

Corrections have been made.

Each is to directly commune the truth with the self,

reconnect to the Source, remember their course, forgive the self and become sovereign and innocent again.

True Power is returning to those who are becoming adult beings of the True Cosmos.”


“I have fully remembered who I truly am”.

”I have recalled my true course”.

”I am taking full responsibility for myself and all my own actions’’.

”My shadow is seen, I have been saved”.

‘’Everything I have ever experienced was of my own creation,

I realise this now and I take my true position and responsibility in the scheme of all things’’.

‘’I AM Divine, I know my true origin and my true family’’.

‘’The Divine Source of Life is within me again and I know what to do’’.

‘’So it is, in the most harmonious ways!”

If you agree, please speak the affirmations

and say a heartfelt YES!


Blessings of moving life beyond the square mind.



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