The Rules of War ~ June 22, 2022


Editor’s Note: Yes, indeed…the Earth is witnessing all that is listed below. However, we are about to witness the “greatest sting operation” ever seen on Earth! For those unaware…the Earth Alliance (White Hats) are about to “take down” and remove the “eltites”, a group of sadistic, and evil controllers who have used a carefully devised system of economic slavery through which to control humanity for their own purposes.

Stay tuned, as this operation to free Humanity continues, understand how our looming physical expansion will result in spiritual expansion which is our whole purpose on Earth. Please prepare to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | June 22, 2022: The criminal political elites in the West pushing geo-political movements, trends and shifts happening around the world rapidly and the western media do their best to hide things regarding the real reason behind them. The rules or strategies are:

1. Cut off supply chains.
2. Hit fuel lines.
3. Destroy wealth.
4. Disarm citizens.
5. Affect transportation.
6. Silence important communications.
7. Create diseases.
8. Cause strife and division.
9. Insert lies, confusion and propaganda.

Does any of that sounds familiar? Is any of that being experienced right now? It would actually seems we’re experiencing all of it.

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