Mysteries… – June 22, 2022


I think people are mistaking exactly what we are dealing with here…these “people”, are occultists, Kabbalists… aka Kabal/Cabal.

They deal in white & black magic…Gematria is from Kabbalah.

Everything they do, they do with intention.

Everything is coded thru their words and symbolism. They use their words to cast spells.

The Periodic Table was invented by the Freemasons which they used to practice alchemy, the science of turning lead into gold.

They practice the thought of duality..good/evil, black/white, sacred/profane. Hence the checkerboard floor.

We have lived our lifetime in the dark, now they are bringing in the light.

Dark 👉 Light


In 2015, with the help of CERN, they started the process of turning dark into light.

…it was the International Year of Light.

Light ….the Light Bearer, Lucifer.

They are leading us from the “dark”, the “Iron Age” into the “light”, the “Golden Age”, “Age of Aquarius”.


Make no mistake, this has been planned for decades…and although it seems we are still living in the dark, that is by design. We will eventually move into the light and it will be a relief for everyone, but do not forget where the light is coming from.

Order out of Chaos is the motto of the Freemasons.

This is Hegelian Dialect on a World Wide Scale.

This is bigger than you can imagine. It’s a spiritual war between God and Satan.

We are literally living in hell on Earth.




Space Delta 18 is going to be activated on June 24, 2022, the same day as St. John’s Day, Masonic Feast.

Also the same day when all the planets will be in alignment.

What a coincidence.


Anyone else see a Goa’uld here from StargateSG1? WTF?


Top Trump’s ancient egypt card game



Doesn’t look like the tip of the spear to me.

Activates on June 24, 2022



Why are we experiencing a heat wave all across the world?

My guess would be the 2 suns we were seeing have come together as one.

Have you noticed a change in the sun recently?

Here’s a decode I did back in May.



“Dragon of Death” in the calculator resulted in “Lord Amon Ra”, 666 English Ordinal.


Amun-Ra (Amon-Ra) was the chief of Egyptian Gods. In early Egyptian civilization he was worshipped as 2 separate Gods, Amun, the creator of the Universe & Ra, the Sun God.

The two Gods were combined into one, Amun-Ra in the time of the “New Kingdom” (modern day New World Order).

What makes this insane is the fact that Akhenaten (Barack Obama), identified himself with the Sun God, Aton and erased the names of other Gods from temples, including, Amun-Ra, thus creating a Monotheistic Religion (one world religion) and a One World Order.


When Akhenaten died, Worship of Aton ceased for the most part and worship of Amun-Ra was restored.


Read the Eye of Ra on wiki. It talks about Ra and Horus being separated and what happens when they come back together. Two eyes. Left and right. Two souls. Two personalities…one good one evil. Now, throw in a sister and you have Is-Ra-el.



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