June 21, 2022: A Midway Point In the End Days; Solstice Energies


Are we careening down a path to certain destruction as some are stating? Below we have a tabulation of events that might impact our food chain and safety. They make it look like we’re on the Eve of Destruction, as that old tune warns. Indeed, for decades now we have been sliding down a slippery slope to certain despair. Surely we’ve hit rock bottom. See the map and graph below.

Look at the below graph that proves there’s been ‘Increased Destructive Events’, re: Food Supply Chain…and ask yourself…why hasn’t Legacy Media or Politicians addressed this very serious situation? pic.twitter.com/EhxGW0N4BS

— Liz Churchill🇨🇦 (@liz_churchill_) June 21, 2022

The Earth Alliance has us inching toward war in Taiwan, as promised.


How China would destroy US bases & sink ships in Pearl Harbor-style missile blitz ahead of Taiwan invasion, experts warn

Meanwhile, Phil G is indicating that it’s time for the military to step in here on American soil to ensure the smooth transition to the awakened state and the safety of the public in light of the anticipated violence and chaos resulting from several imminent events.

Putin spoke last week for the first time since the Russian offensive began in Ukraine. He tells us the Old World Order is gone like the wind. Hallelujah! Putin is taking the pressure off of Trump as he steps into the role of truth-teller. I’ve given you the RussiaToday version as it’s likely to be more accurate than any other.

The old world is over: Key takeaways from Putin’s first major speech since Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine

Russia continues to be vilified as the western lamestream media attempt to turn the world against them.

The madness seems to be increasing, doesn’t it? How childish can you get?

Ukraine’s parliament has voted to pass legislation outlawing Russian music from being played in public spaces and on any of the country’s official media outlets.

MORE: https://t.co/dNCLrK3C0l pic.twitter.com/SVRHeH6tfF

— Rebel News (@RebelNewsOnline) June 20, 2022

The Canucks have a lot of waking up to do. The hypnosis is very strong in Canada. It is encouraging, however, that this headline is from the Halifax Examiner. It seems to me that the April 2020 mass murder event is still shrouded in doublespeak and lies and that there is no intention to be forthcoming to the public or to see justice done, with the true death count being concealed.

There are very few facts we can count on to be accurate. It feels like one huge coverup and possible satanic sacrifice with a pregnant officer being gunned down amongst the additional 21 victims. PM Turdeau immediately seized the opportunity to enact gun control measures. It was so transparent.

The RCMP should probably be disbanded as the People will find it difficult to ever trust in them again once all their crimes are known. What respectable law enforcement agency can be unable to deliver accurate and truthful details TWO YEARS after a mass murder?

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki tried to ‘jeopardize’ mass murder investigation to advance Trudeau’s gun control efforts

Errors and omissions revealed in RCMP statements after Nova Scotia mass shooting

Is it possible for our civilization to stoop any lower; for the betrayals to be any more shocking or distressing? It’s beyond obvious at this point that the system is rigged—and not for us. It’s rigged for the sickos running the world. Doctors, priests… not much difference. We see abject betrayal by those in whom we place utter personal confidence. These deviants should face the full brunt of the People’s law.

State medical boards allowed more than half to keep their licenses.

The New Sex Abuse Scandal: 2,400 Doctors Implicated by Patients

Speaking of priests, it appears the White Hats may be about to publicly get rid of the Poop, despite us being fairly certain he’s actually been outta there for some time for his crimes. We saw a glitchy green screen address at the window of the Vatican, for example.

We’ve heard a lot about “projection” these past few years but a lot of it has been the projection of holograms. Life is so fake.

Unusual activity at the Vatican as reports break that Pope Francis may be about to resign. (And we are there!) pic.twitter.com/P2AetNECH1

— Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) June 20, 2022

There is no shortage of perverts.

Former PQ leader Andre Boisclair’s sexual assault cases due back in court today https://t.co/yo09OQWrM6

— The Globe and Mail (@globeandmail) June 20, 2022

In case you enjoy movies and like picking them apart for truth, we hear that Jupiter Ascending is a key flick to dive into.

Jupiter Ascending is the greatest “Disclozure” film ever made, for Starseeds and Lightworkers and other people who want to truly understand our existence here on Earth.

For awake people, it’s the highest level movie ever made, because it reveals everything, including the ET agenda, artificial life forms, and how easily they can erase and block memories from the Human mind. But more so, contracts, and how ancient contracts are used outside of Earth, and on other planets.

Also, see: “The Adjustment Bureau,” with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.

Watch these 2 movies immediately, and watch them multiple times. Look at all the clues. Listen to every single word. They reveal so much. These movies can completely change your understanding of reality, because they are real films, written as fiction..

The concepts may be slightly inaccurate, but they are 80% accurate, And that’s huge. Similar to the revolutionary first “Matrix” film.  Link to Telegram.

There are plenty of questions now about a lot of things. Some might ask, well if this is a starship, where are the stars? I would say, “We are, my beauties; we are.” We are the best and the brightest and volunteered for this most difficult mission where many failed. We’re bringing up the rear; the tail end of this monumental saga.

Yes, we are still here, making the extraordinary, exclusive journey of souls. We will go on to tell our stories; astounding our audiences with our wisdom, humour, and valour. I believe the real warriors, however, are those battling in the hidden realms with horrific demons; dark environs most of us can’t even imagine. Whether in tunnels deep within the Earth or the astral and beyond, it’s an ugly fight.

We have learned so much and are not the same sparks who first embarked on this near impossible operation to free Humanity from bondage and certain genetic annihilation.

As the markers come and go, we are ticking down the seconds to the most historic events in Humanity’s history. If the architects of this grand rescue didn’t believe we were up to it, we wouldn’t be here. We are the ones. The chosen ones, if you will, as Trump stated he is.

There is so much we yearn to know. We are still wondering how a “millennium falcon” came to rest on the floor of the ocean, as shown by a team of researchers. Try as they might, the control freaks cannot detract from the other-worldly nature of the Baltic Sea Anomaly. To suggest it is a naturally-occurring relic from the ice age is pure folly. Compare the images.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon

I have questions of my own. We understand that we are “watching a movie”, according to the Q team. Others have also told us that after we are plucked from our meat suits and are being reconstituted and upgraded in the light chambers, we will be brought up to speed on all that has happened as we watch a movie-like training sequence.

My question is, which movie are we watching now?—because we know that time is much different “in here” in this artificial construct and what seems like a lifetime to us is probably a few hours on the other side.

So while it seems like we are living a nightmarish existence, laboriously going through an endless process of education and awakening… waiting, waiting, interminably waiting… what is it like outside? What if we will shortly wake up in our new world outside the matrix? Crazy times, my friends. Crazy times in the battle between good and evil.

Phil G has an update show slated for tonight at 7 EDT/4 Pacific. He indicated he had important information to impart, with another show on Thursday evening, followed by Saturday.

That concludes today’s solstice post. Go forth; find and speak truth. Live long and prosper.  ~ BP

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