Fraud Vitiates Everything … – June 21, 2022

That phrase you keep seeing.. “fraud vitiates everything…” (USSC v. Throckmorten) it means that any state that decertifies for reason of fraud the ENTIRE election is cancelled EVERY SINGLE STATE as fraudulent. No matter who won which state, if there is fraud it must decertify. We cannot exist as a free Republic where election fraud exists. Hope this helps, there should be absolutely no confusion about this issue.



What sort of Constitutional crisis is created when a sovereign State of the United States recalls its Presidential Electors?


What entity would mediate and adjudicate such a crisis?


What sort of crisis would be needed for the military, AND the American civilian public, to have enjoined interests?


What happens when a former(actual) President of the United States has a material interest in the same court case which materially interests the People of the United States, and the Armed Forces of the United States?

That’s a lotta’ cheddar, folks.



1.) Bix Wier confirms many things we’ve been talking about regarding: Gold/Silver price ration, gold/silver valuations, QFS/NESARA, the end of the Federal Reserve, and the start of a new Gold-backed system.

2.) Several states have decertified the 2020 election via their State legislations.

3.) The Military is coming, and EBS is very likely.

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