Kim Shady channel from Telegram – June 19, 2022




Dr. Norman Vincent Peale 33° Mason.

I’m not saying Trump is a Mason…I’m simply showing that Peale was a big influence in Trump’s life as a Pastor.



“Go away and come back TOM MORROW.”






Nimrod and the Orion Constellation are semantically related.

Both are known as the “Mighty Hunter”

Orion 👉 Nimrod 👉 Marduk 👉Lucifer


We are in the middle of a Family Feud.

A Spiritual War between 2 brothers.

That’s what all of this boils down to.

Good vs Evil

Pleiades vs Orion

Enki vs Enlil

Jacob vs Esau

Israel vs Edomite

Christ vs Anti-Christ

Trump vs Obama


[They] have been manipulating our World since the beginning of time.

And now [their] time is over.


The Hunters Become The Hunted.


It’s going to be Biblical




Except it’s not Trump vs Obama

It’s Trump vs Trump


Larry “Rhino” Elders posted this. What in the heck?


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