Crypto News – June 19, 2022

Editor’s Note: Cryptocurrencies are the electronic digitization of value perhaps originally devised as a means of further control over humanity.

However, this process has literally been reconfigured to “be” the “cause” of the greatest transfer of wealth (see here) ever seen on our planet!

Every human will experience wealth as never before as the crypto market (through the Stellar coin market) explodes giving every man, woman, and child financial abundance.

What are these funds based on? Where does their value come from? Believe it, or not, each Stellar coin is backed by a “real” precious metal, as recovered from stolen precious metals hoarded by the dark. Research and learn of the tones of gold discovered hidden in tunnels over 1500 miles from the Vatican to Turkey!

My crypto knowledge is not extensive, yet buying various Stellar coins (known as “alt coins”) through using a Lobster wallet is what I have chosen to do. All other coins (Bitcoin, Erythreum, etc) will/are crashing as being tools of the original dark plan for extensive human control.

So…. Please do your own research, know that even if you currently do not any crypto…you are OK! The greatest transfer of wealth will come to you in other ways, as we all become abundant through NESARA/GESARA, and the BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Lobstr will stay- your assets are fine. They are tied to your public stellar wallet address, which can be accessed anywhere. You send xlm from Coinbase or any other exchange to lobstr just fine yes? So if there are other wallets we want to use and move our assets to, I can imagine they will have something like a sync or wallet connect to swap your tokens from one place to another easy peasy. We also knew there were OTHER asset exchanges coming for DStoq etc. Leave those worries at the door. This is quantum-you’ll manifest exactly what you don’t want just by focusing and brooding over it! It’s all good! 🥰😍🤩🥳✨🙏🏼🌈❤️


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