Mid-June Miscellaneous & Happy Father’s Day [videos] ~ June 18, 2022


As usual, new information has finally surfaced around the mass cattle deaths and of course no one is buying the “heat and humidity” BS. Thinking people are asking if it was heat the why don’t the cattle in Texas have any problem, how about Arizona, and why haven’t all the cattle in Mexico died? There have been extreme temperatures in California and British Columbia these past summers that led to wildfires but no reports of mass cattle die-offs.

I’m a Texas cattle rancher and the heat story is total bullshit. It’s another lie.

— Aaron the Texas mind hunter PhD 🇺🇸🇫🇷 (@mind_hunter3) June 17, 2022

You will hear various theories and discussions. One might be the real cause. Is it just me or is 5G blamed for everything?

Kerry Cassidy posted the following, going back to the Evergreen ship the Evergiven that the military locked down in the Suez Canal.


Kerry responded:

The Globalists plan to eliminate beef in the US… to starve and weaken the population.

the reason is beef is linked to testosterone production in males…

And we also have:

The sudden deaths of thousands of cattle happened 3 months after the FDA gave the green light for the marketing of gene-edited beef cattle.

Robby Starbuck joins Truth Bombs to weigh in.

Full podcast: https://youtu.be/R1AsmaWvAqk

I had completely forgotten about this segment of the Yellowstone series, but did see it. Thanks to the crew who is very sharp. See the video clip on Tik Tok. They dropped toxic bales of food for the cattle from a plane. The number of times the entertainment world has told us the truth or predicted future events is staggering at this point.

Bottom line, we won’t be led by the nose down any of these narrative paths without evidence. A couple of hundred dead cattle is a far cry from 10,000.

I came upon this compilation of the “arrested and executed” lists you might want to have a look at. Big names. The fact that many of them appear on multiple lists suggests they are true. Some we have confirmation of from way back. We know that many of the public figures are either clones, doubles, or are wearing masks to populate the “movie” and have been told that the heavy lifting has already been done. Link to Telegram. 13 min.


Clock is ticking!

The Miscellaneous Part… some thoughts:

We really need to be logical, rational, and research before we allow ourselves to follow a narrative.

How many times have we heard about the issues with fertilizer and how it will affect crops and the food chain and contribute to world hunger and famine?

Most of us aren’t farmers but adding fertilizer is a relatively recent action to augment soil because it’s been mismanaged and no longer contains the nutrients it once did.

If people understood crop rotation and leaving fields fallow to add nutrients and stop stripping the soil of everything good, we could get by with far less fertilizer. If specific crops are planted to enrich the soil, ploughed under and used to fertilize the next crop, isn’t that an alternative? There is more than one way to skin a cat and an old way no longer being viable isn’t cause for panic.

That’s just my thoughts off the top of my head, but a quick search brought up this article to support my view.

Alternative Ways Of Fertilizer Production – Journal

They want us to be afraid all the time and there’s no need. If you subscribe to the Q Military Intelligence narrative and believe the Patriots are in control, then whatever happens, we will get through it. They wouldn’t tell us we’re watching a movie if we needed to take direct action to protect ourselves and our families. There are already starving people on the planet and no one talked about it much unless they wanted to part us from our money and steal it. The Humanitarian aid so often never got to the victims.

I’m still waiting for proof that 10,000 cattle died of heat stroke and it’s at least five days since the event. I see nothing to substantiate the claim that even 2,000 cattle died, never mind 10K. As I said, there have been mass die-offs of so many kinds of wildlife and now Humans, thanks to the Covid hoax and the vaxxxines.

Back in 2013 Before It’s News reported on the deaths of many kinds of wildlife. The videos are no longer accessible but you get the drift. It’s nothing new, and without accurate, verifiable video footage and scientific reports from the ranchers who owned the 10K in the Midwest, I suspend belief.

This sounds completely outrageous but not so much of a stretch since the Wu flu lockdowns. Who knew Geoengineering would be used as such a powerful weapon?

Europe heatwave: Outdoor events banned in parts of France

We already know the psychopaths have experimented and executed to their hearts’ desire for a long time. They have no respect for life and that is why they must be eliminated. The worst thing we can do is live in fear.

For a little intermission… we have an interesting video that looks very realistic but the Chinese already tried this back in 2020. Still, I felt guided to post it, and Tore says…

Cows first , People next . Future proves past, per OG @toresays

Link to video on Telegram.

So much of the fear porn has been largely hoaxes—including the Plandemic. No more people died since the “Covid virus” story began than any of the five years previous. Deaths were in people who were weak and suffering from serious and life-threatening conditions. That was until they began administering Remdesivir and venting people.

In the UK they have used frightening amounts of Midazolam to usher the exit of many elderly so they would have bigger numbers for the death count. All manipulated, not natural.

These people are sick. They’re insane.

These are the people we trusted to fight the first man-made plague in human history. pic.twitter.com/wJcRiFEtNn

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) June 18, 2022

We also know the media have used old photos or photos from other places and claim it’s current. They lie. They manipulate. They use images from Turkey and claim it’s Mars. They say they’re on location in Riyadh in the Middle East getting bombed when they’re in the CNN studio in Atlanta faking it all and yukking it up. It’s fantasy and they feel no remorse for deceiving the public. It’s how the New World Order operates.

So until you drive down the country roads on private ranches and see thousands of dead cattle, reserve judgement on this potential hoax. If we get proof, we’ll revise our opinion but I’m not holding my breath.

If you didn’t watch the Yellow Rose for Texas video from yesterday and listen to the information put out about our holographic reality, the AI, the space-time continuum, and our entrapped situation I highly recommend it. They explain that while it seems like a long time as we endure this nightmare existence, it’s a fraction of that outside the construct and as we’ve discussed before, our real, incorruptible bodies are outside in stasis waiting for us to return when we exit the matrix—and we shall. Tick-tock.

I will close with hopes you will all spend time this weekend with the fabulous men in your lives and honour the fathers.  ~ BP

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