Full Moon June 14; Medicine Of The Serpent Bearer/ Ophiuchus at Golden Gate of God ~ June 15, 2022


Medicine Of The Serpent Bearer

Editor’s Note: In this message are points for consideration (there are bolded below). Many may consider the intertwining of snakes on the caduceus symbol for Medicine to be negative. However, I choose to see this as an intertwining for both the “positive” and “negative” sides for each person who KNOWS a NEW internal BALANCE with MULTIPLEs bringing GROWTH maintained through PRACTICE which produces a perfectly balanced QUANTUM person who lives and loves in…

Quantum Joy!


⚕️We had a New Moon(may 30) aligning with the Silver Gate of Man/ gateway of reincarnation which now moves into fruition/ Full Moon June 14 at the Golden Gate of God/ Gateway of Ascension right below the Serpent Bearer Ophiuchus as it transitions from Scorpio to Sagittarius during/after the Full moon gateway. Through this period ,since May 27 Venus/ Inanna, has been at the Gate of Personal Power at Solar Plexus on her Shamanic Journey.

✨We are now clearly witnessing the transformations/ new birth brought in via the Eclipse Season especially in relation to the Divine Masculine. Irrespective of gender, each individual carries within them the energies of the Feminine and Masculine. And it is these Masculine Energies , under the guardianship of Cosmic Mother Isis as Venus that are undergoing intense transformation to emerge as The New King (within and without).

👑The New King/ Horus / Divine Masculine is being required to break from traditional stereotypes of conformity, rigidity, rules, schedules (left brain )that have so far ensured his Power , Control and hence Self Worth and embrace the fluidity and flow of his own Inner guidance / Instinct by forging a deeper connect with his core values, beliefs and desires. Replacing the safe zone provided by pure analytical logic with elements of uncertainty that naturally accompanies following ones instinct and Discernment. It requires him to overcome fear and ridicule and get in touch with his Feminine Side and by thus Honouring and Balancing his Inner feminine energies he may thus arouse his Serpent Kundalini of Awakening ,Transformation and Ascension.

☯️A Transformation via the Union with the Feminine High Priestess Energies that ignites the Inner Fire and Wisdom of the Soul as represented by the Solar Plexus to take Action to bring his Dreams and Desires into Manifestation. Courage is required of him to take a Leap of Faith, without the safety wheels of ‘following the Norm’ as he Follows his own Heart . The Union of Heart and Mind!! The Union/ Integration of the Gold and Silver Kundalini Serpent has been Front and Center of all my CoCreator Channeling sessions recently , along with the gentle healing and nurturing of the Golden Chalice of The Solar Plexus/ New King Codes.

🌕This Full Moon, June 14, aligned with the Galactic Center and The 13 th Sign of Ophiuchus -The Serpent Bearer carries the vibes of Judgement Day- A Call to illuminate our Destiny. The ultimate Goal of the soul is aligning with its Destiny, Source Light, via a process of relinquishing all disempowering status quo/beliefs/paradigms/conditionings that veil the unique Divinity of Soul. The Soul Light as an aspect of Source Light carries enormous unrealised potential which can be tapped into via our inner guidance or intuition . This is how we tap into Divine Flow , connecting Personal Will with Divine Will , to manifest a Reality for the Greatest Good Of All.

☀️Following one’s Intuition/ instinct , tempered with Logic and Discernment is an Act of Courage and Self Belief. That is what ignites our Soul Fire/ Light , initiates Self Discovery and steers it towards its highest destiny and Grace. Following the herd/ status quo requires no courage, only servitude and rejection of one’s own Power .

🏹This Full Super Moon, precariously balanced Between The Poison sac of Scorpio and The Archer’s Arrow / Sagittarius right under Ophiuchus denotes the Leap of Faith each one of us is presented with Now. Do we subscribe to disempowering beliefs and fall victim to the Poison Sting of the Scorpion , or do we Bet on Ourselves, Trust our Gut even if it means breaking with the well trodden path and take the Leap of Faith , just like the Arrow of the Archer and allow ourselves to be catapulted into unchartered Territory which might just hold the Keys of our Destiny!!

⚕️Saggitarius’ energy of adventure and free spirit and its quest for Soul truth provide us tremendous support to take this Leap of Faith at this time . The Healer/ Serpent Bearer is our Ladder to a brand new Creative Cycle of Consciousness via the Gate of God/Ascension gateway if we are ready to release the Poison of old debilitating beliefs and patterns and own our Divinity. Our Destiny Awaits!!

Happy Full Moon at GoldenGate of Ascension !!

EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy

Be The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Na


⚕️That is the Medicine of the Serpent Bearer/ Ophiuchus who brings Higher Soul Healing and Transformation by taking the very Poison that could well be your death and instead transforms it into Medicine. Will you Play by (Patriarchal ) rules and convention and remain small /stagnant or will you “Own” that Very Fear ( patriarchal whipping stick) to break out of the “box” and move into your highest Potential , Deservability, Purpose and Service ,so that you may ascend into the new Creative Spiral via the Golden Gate of God!!!

♥️This Union or Balancing of Polarities requires us to overcome lower emotions of Fear ,Doubt,lack of control, feelings of unworthiness and remain True to ourselves,walk our talk,be authentic and in Moral Integrity of what we stand for and truly believe in and then take Guided ,courageous and passionate Action aligned with the same to manifest our goals. This further allows us greater grounding ,joy ,enjoyment and outer expression of the same in our physical reality :-taking decisive action with respect to all that brings us joy , excitement , abundance, beauty and fulfilment in our everyday life, relationships, work, desirability etc.

🌱The New Buds of a New Creative Cycle are beginning to reveal themselves for those who have submitted to these Fires of Transformation and Regeneration with Courage, Faith and Trust (post eclipse ). This New cycle will enjoy greater expansion with the fuel that The Sagittarius Energy of enthusiasm ,passion, adventure and Free Spirit provides and the New Trajectory that the Solstice Gateway will open for the Sun/ Son/ New King .

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