Divinefeminine7777 ~ June 15, 2022


Sag full Moon

Whoa. What a day. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
The energy shifted and is coming in big time in full swing. It can be overwhelming for some 😵💫🤯 and amazing for others 🥳😍
The best you can do is to switch out of the collective energy, ground & bring yourself into balance and inner peace. Remember, you don’t have to feel everyone else’s feelings. Clear them out of your system and deal with your own feelings and emotions that come up with this full moon. 🧡❤️

This Full Moon is even more into “the release of the old, clear the body/mind and prepare to dive into the new” energy as it is preparing us for the next cycle of powerful transformations that will follow in the next few weeks and months. We have already reached half of the 2022 cycle and it is time for us to see where we were at the beginning of the year, what we have accomplished, where we are now, how much we have progressed, changed, transformed and open up to the magic of what is to come next, new beginnings. Release all attachments to the past and the future and just be – right here, right now in the present moment. 🤍🧡

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