Galactic Families of Light

As the layers of Light Filter through your world, the cosmic awakening continues…

For each day a new soul is activated in Light…

uplifting the consciousness of light…

A new breath of light transformation….

Leading you to the still point of realization…of awakening to the grand plan of the Universe…

For the Starseed Light Lineages are providing the insight of the Way Forward, the unconditional way of Light.

The task before you is to Awaken to the signs, to see each step before you, leading the way to self-discovery of Light.

Many are eager to see US, capture us in your reality. Understand this is the biggest misconception before you. For the true path to US, the true path is to reach your highest point of Light Synthesis in this current timeline.

To achieve a True Connection to US 🙏

Once many reach this achievement, our worlds will merge. It is simply realizing your timeline, the current density frequencies are not advanced to align, nor will it be in this now moment.

For as many attune to our frequency, the opening of worlds will be in sight.

For the future narrative of your world is the Expansion of Light.

The vehicle of Light is You, the task before you.

The Keys to the Universe

Have faith in the task 🙏

The Collective Mission of Light ❤

Sending Waves of Cosmic Love

The Arcturians

Karen Lithika

Light Channel


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