Death and Rebirth ~ 6:6:6 Gateway – STARSEED AWAKENING ~ We are Golden : Prayer For Victory Over Outer Conditions ~ June 7, 2022


We are Golden

Greetings Spiritual Guides of the New Earth Activation

Happy 666 Gateway where we are transforming the false nefarious beast systems into the Divine Harmonic Creatix of Peace and Prosperity for all.

Through this 66 Portal we had multiple Waves of Higher Gamma Plasma flowing in from the Great Central Sun appearing in the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 17 hz, 2 pulses at 19 hz and a big blast at 44 hz bridging in more of the 5th dimensional energetics for our Ascension Process.

We are resolving all things perfectly in the Unborn Mind of Buddha. All is coming into alignment for our Exodus from all slavery systems into the Freedom for all, under Gods Domain.

In this Great Jubilee and Unity Consciousness Activation we transform the concept of a dog eat dog world to a dog feed dog world we we all live in true equality and we neutralize and equalize all that is out of balance and bring all into Divine Harmony to end any nefarious games of self service into service to all. This is the Utopian concept made real as we transform this realm through our Pure Intent into the Paradise she has always evolved to be. Now that our Ground Crew of the 144,000 know that it is truly up to us and our Divine will, our Perceptions ,Faith and Visions we hold the codes of Heaven on Earth and initiate the Rainbow Body Protocol for the Great Awakening of all of Hue-manity.

This is it Earth Angelics of the 144 we spread our Etheric Wings and send Waves of Gold and Violet Flames through all realms to transfigure all consciousness to the Pure Land of the Ascended Masters…A’Ho!

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