Pars Kutay – June 4, 2022

-Plasma Light and Sound Codes

HIGH Pitch Ringing in the Ears?

Our Angelic HUman DNA is AWAKENING. . . ACTIVATING. . . and RECALIBRATING in this NOW Moment!!!

Our Sun has been used as an Amplifier by the DIVINE SOURCE of All-That-Is.

The current Solar Corona Blasts of incoming Divine SOURCE Energy Waves of Photonic-Plasma LIGHT and SOUND CODES are working deeply through our Bloodstreams and Cellular Structures as DNA Downloads with a Clear Message. . .

This is a GREAT AWAKENING for HUmanity moving from Carbon based bodies into our NEW CRYSTALLINE based Bodies for the 5D NEW EARTH.

So Let’s ENJOY the Sound of the Universe BEing Present in this NOW Moment.


Pars Kutay


~  ~

Photo: Incoming Divine Source Energy Waves of Photonic-Plasma Light and Sound Codes captured today


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