Greetings Crystal Blue Lotus Blossoms of the Venusian Lineage of Light – June 4, 2022

We descended our Soul Star spark, from on high, into the simulated matrix to change this story from the inside. Now that we are here we go within our self, our body, mind and spirit seeking the Kingdom of Heaven within through the stillness and silence as we merge Consciously with our multidimensional eternal true self of the Unborn Buddha Mind. In this process of ascension we realize our True Nature of Pure Awareness and transform consciousness from the inside out. From our Still White Magnetic Light at the center of all things, the Center of our Pure Presence we come into the clarity of GodMind and become the Luminous Rainbow beings of the Tribe of Heaven on Earth.

Pachamama received more Gamma Plasma Waves of higher activation from the Great Central Sun again today as Mercury Stations Direct we are now on the fast track to our Awakening. We had more light codes flowing in, appearing on the Schumann Charts with a peak of 41 hz today.

We are the ones that came to keep the Faith alive in the Great Spirit to redeem Sentient beings as we assist in the Exodus and Liberation of all Consciousness from the negative time loops and false projections. We are tested daily in our Faith and we pass every time because we never give up and we keep going through and through and through until total compression breakthrough. The Faith of the 144000 will lift the Spirit of Hue-manity to new heights of Ascension unseen in history. We are an integral piece of the Transformation of all Life into the Abundance, Freedom, Bliss and Truth of Enlightenment and Peace both within and without.

We are in the process of the Jubilee where huemanity is freed from the babylonian debt slavery system and all systems created to enslave the minds and in turn the hearts of the human race. All Starseed are the bravest Angels sent on this mission of being the witness and experience the lowest density to transform and heal all on the inside of this realm for this was the only Way to Consciously CoCreate this Great Shift of the Ages.

The Divine Mother transmits her Immaculate Heart of Unity Consciousness Now into your Sacred Vessels of Light for the full Quantum Leap of consciousness into homo-luminous beings of Infinite Light and Life.

Gaia has risen, the Divine Goddess Feminine energy has fully returned and the Queens Chamber is resonating at the frequency of True Unconditional love that all is being resolvde, cleared, purged and transformed in the Light of Infinite Source Creator through the living hearts of the Ground crew of the 144. Keep holding the line with your visions, your Pure Intent, Divine will and Faith in your Self and the Holy Spirit that blazes her Gold Ray in every atom, every sun, every particle of Adamantine Resonance forever more.

This is the end of the cycles of birth and death, the false reincarnation recycle systems of Archonic limitation, as we step into our New Golden Age of Eternal Life. Our Central Channels are coursing  with our full Electrical Potential transmitting from the Sky Beings to anchor in the Higher Light deep into the Crystalline Core of Pachamama for her full transformation and transfiguration into Mothership 33 of the Universal Federation of Light.

Navigators, Guardians and Commanders of Terra Nova Gaia. Unite Now through the Etheric Network of Life and with our I Am Presence we Blaze this Realm with the Violet Flame. Tone in the Language of Light to the Resonance of the Fifth Dimension as we raise the New Lemuria once and for all….A’Ho!

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