Did You Know This? – May 29, 2022

WOW! 😳😳😳

Check out that PURE πŸ’― Rothschild bloodline.

Looks like the β€œcOnSpIrAcY tHeOrIsTs” are RIGHT AGAIN!



A couple years ago I did this Tesla decode:

When you put Tesla’s famous quote, β€œIf you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe” into the calculator, it results in 369!

It also results in 351.


351 <> 153

And, when you put all the letters of the Alphabet in (A – Z) it results in 351.

A-Z = 351.

When you put the letters A – Q in (stopping at Q) it results in 153!

A – Q = 153

Adding the numbers 1 thru 17 = 153

17 (Q) x 3 x 3 = 153


God = 17

Q = 17


Q = God



Now I discover thru Alchemy that:

Gd the element, Gadolinium has an atomic mass of 153 😳😳😳

As you can see, a television is used for the symbology of Gd.

β€œThe image reflects the past use of the element in television screens.”

Most Jews do not include the letter β€œo” when spelling out God.

They use G-d

Gd πŸ‘‰ Gadolinium πŸ‘‰ God



19 children, 2 adults killed = 192

Kamala calls for ban on Assault Weapons

Assault Weapons = 192

School shooting on 5/24/2022

Greg Abbots last Birthday 11/13/2021

192 days before shooting.


All scripted

Who’s writing the script?


NEW – Kamala Harris wants to ban all “assault weapons” in the US, says they have “no place in civil society.”



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