The New Ships Arriving On Earth And How They Can Help Us – May 28, 2022

The time is now. The moment has come. Great change is upon us, and the benevolent beings from the stars are here to help usher in a New Earth.

Many benevolent beings are arriving on Earth at this time. They are coming in great numbers, and they want nothing more than to help us through these difficult times.

These beings are known as starseeds because they come from the stars, and they can see beyond the limited perspective of reality. 

The starseeds are coming to Earth.

We lightworkers have a lot of work to do on this planet, and we are also welcoming a lot of love from the universe as well.

The angels and ET’s are not so different as most people think. And they are all with us every step of the way. We can feel their presence. They are here to guide us, protect us, and help us find our way back home. If you open your heart and mind, you will be able to feel their presence as well.

It’s important for us as humans to come together as one family, one tribe, so that we can heal ourselves and our planet. We need to learn how to love ourselves first before we can truly love anyone else in this world.

Starseeds are a diverse group of people, but many of them share a similar past. 

Starseeds are not human, and they come from many different planets and star systems. They have been sent here to help humanity through this time of transition.

Many starseeds come from other dimensions or even from parallel universes in our own galaxy! Some were born on Earth and left at an early age, while others have reincarnated here in order to learn about the planet’s history and culture before coming back with new skills that can be used for the benefit of all beings on Earth (and beyond).

The starseeds often feel like they do not belong here on Earth.

One of the most common feelings that starseeds have is a sense that they do not belong here on Earth. They may have a strange feeling that they are from another place and time, or perhaps even another planet. 

Many starseeds are drawn to science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal topics because these are things that interest them but which other people don’t seem to understand very well or even believe in.

This is often because they remember their past lives on other planets, and our home planet’s history has been erased from all records except those kept by secret societies such as Freemasons and Illuminati families, who kept records of ancient knowledge passed down through generations over thousands of years prior to being hidden away until now!

The starseeds were sent to Earth by the Galactic Federation.

They are volunteers who have chosen to come to Earth and help us with our spiritual growth and ascension process. They are born and placed strategically onto all parts of the world so a light grid can be created through the high frequency only starseeds can hold in a human body. This grid raises, holds, and helps stabilize the collective frequency on earth.

These starseeds were sent to Earth by the Galactic Federation, and they have a mission to assist humanity during global ascension.

The starseeds are here to help humanity find a new way of living that is sustainable and in harmony with nature. They will teach how to live in peace, love, and harmony with each other, animals, and nature. 

The starseeds will be the guides as everyone learns how to live on this beautiful planet in balance with each other and all other living things.

They are here to help humanity understand that we are all connected and that our thoughts and actions have consequences. They will help the human race understand the importance of working together for a better world.

YOU are a starseed.

We are able to upgrade our dormant strands of DNA. And we will transform into a new life form that can inhabit other worlds.

This is the Age that has been whispered and rumored about since ancient civilizations recorded their knowledge.

It’s old news but its time has come.

We are the Galactic Federation.
We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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4 thoughts on “The New Ships Arriving On Earth And How They Can Help Us – May 28, 2022

  1. Of all the comments made here by the ‘light people’, this one has made the most SENSE to me. I relate to the “The starseeds often feel like they do not belong here on Earth” very much so. I do not consider myself special but I have the same interests CLou described especially with the paranormal. I have some memories but nothing clear unless I’m looking at certain ancient ruins around the planet, then I become almost mesmerized. I do know that I have existences elsewhere NOW bec i see them in dreams and they are way too mundane to describe as ‘fantasy’.. Its taken me decades to finally recognize that dreams are more than what mental machinations while I sleep. I welcome the ‘light people’ to help us because we need it and the negative forces on this globe are formidable.


  2. I’ve always thought since my teens when looking up at the sky surely we cant be the only species of life on this planet. Very interested in later life in Egyptology, ancient civilisations, the Sumerians, Atlantis, Agartha (hollow earth). Always looking up at the moon and those twinkling lights in the skies which I dont think are stars now. Always felt like an outsider but get on with people but always found good friends are hard to find. Never thought I would experience what is going on atm.


    1. You and I are not the only ones gazing at the sky at night and wondering the same thing. We’re sensing something more. Let’s just hope that any monumental change to our planet will not be too harsh. I do not think we ‘regular people’ deserve severe consequences, to my understanding, we did not cause it. Let’s hope these ‘star people’ can mitigate it for us.


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