And….their off (to the races)! – May 24, 2022



🔅Mid-Terms Are Safe: Election Fraud Being Revealed

🔅CA Recall: Fraud Testing Ground

🔅Mid-Terms: Everything Will Be Questioned

🔅Apr 19 (2022-2018 =) 4 year DELTA

QP1197 (Excert) Apr 19, 2018

Will election fraud be revealed soon???

Yes, midterms are safe.

Watch CA.


CA Voter Fraud Cases

Midterms: Everything Will Be Questioned, Vote, Machines, Mail-In Ballots (use

Public Special Election Audit: San Fran. Apr 19/21, Manual Ballot Tally


Will voter fraud ever be brought to light?

Yes.”Watch CA” was deliberate


Evidence: Recent Election Fraud Cases Across US

1363 Proven. 1165 Crim. Convictions – No Denying!

CA Recall. Trump’s Fraud Testing Ground

CA Council Man’s Fraud

CA (LA) 2 Men, 8k Ballots, Charged

Election Fraud Q Drops:


🤩✨Regarding tokens and Stellar Protocol implementation:

This is just the general idea on how Protocol 20 will run, [xxx] would like to share more but isn’t allowed to yet.

Everything is about these central locations on each continent, they are all conected, but the main super quantum computer is in Arizona. Not only will the financial system work from there, but everything else as well.

[xxxxxxxxxxxx] should transfer everything to this technology by the end of the year, which makes sense as thats when these mid-term elections are done. 🔥🔥🔥

Hint: when you solve for X you solve the entire puzzle 🧩 🙌❤️

Join us here:

Announcements 📣@QuantumStellarInitiative

Discussions 🗣@QuantumStellarInitiativeChat

Correct asset domain

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