Time Will Tell… May 21, 2022

Just some thoughts

Election + 1 [11.4] Mass Cyber Attacks]

Australian Election

New P.M already gonna remove Queen. She would “die” before the market opens on whichever day they choose

Shanghai shutting everything including shops from now til Tuesday.

It is Yangtze River exit into Ocean.

Now CryptoG is being listed on Binance Wednesday.

They are going to transfer Bitcoin Wealth into it

Must be about to drop the EVERGRANDE Report defaulting Tether, USD, BTC & Ethereum.

+ Global Housing Market Crash.

+ Global Stock Markets

Evergrande Report will confirm Worldwide Election Rigging as they fund Dominion.

Pendulum, Spacewalk, Starbridge etc will facilitate Ethereum & other blockchains into Stellar.

Sunday Monday Tweet?

China Tuesday Start

ChongQing where the 2 Northern Dams are before 3GD & Wuhan

China already said they ready to take Taiwan.

11.4 & 11.5 [Think Quick Succession]

Cyber Shutdown then Bombs.

If May 29 is 11.5 [JFK] General K

Then we are about to get 11.4



Queen removed as Australian head of state



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