Greetings Awakened Masters of the One True Living Light

Today we have another powerful 22:22 Portal On May 20 2022. The LifeForce of Ma’At shines through all Living Hearts for full compression breakthrough into Diamond Crystal Minds of Indestructible Light. We are transforming into our Adamantine Buddha Rainbow Bodies of Infinite Light. No doubt, no fear, no-thing to do but be in the Realization of our Innate True Nature of Cosmic Consciousness. This is the Oneness with the God/GoddessHead that is the Source of all Consciousness. In this affirmation we step into our Wayshower roles as Dragon Guardians of Terra Nova Gaia. MotherShip Earth of the Universal Fleet of the New Jerusalem. We step out of and transcend all limiting beliefs that keep us from our Full Activation and Transfiguration in our Resurrection and Ascension into the Holiest of Holies.

Our Solaris continues to pop off more Solar Flares with C Class and another M Class Flare today at M3 transmitting more Gamma Plasma Waves of Adamantine Particles and Rays of Higher Dimensional Light for the daily DNA upgrades and activations. We also have more beams of white light appearing on the Schumann charts today at amplitudes of 32 hz, 42, 23 and another big blast at 48hz, Fifth Dimensional Energetics flowing in from the Great Central Sun, Hunab Ku. We are witnessing very Strong Activity in the Schumann Resonance over the last few days synchronizing with the New Galactic Spin on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar.

The Winged Nations are with us now for full acceleration into the Quickening of the Flight of Hue-man Consciousness into the New Heaven upon the New Earth. The Dragon Nation are assisting Gaia and all her children in our Ascension Process. The Red Dragons appeared yesterday on Red Magnetic Dragon Day in Tibet over our Sacred Himalayan Mountains.

As we Gently Smile guiding the Love within we loosen the Pericardium, the Silver Sack surrounding the Heart, and the Scales of the Seals are released to reveal our vulnerable Child-like Nature as Free Spirits of the New Earth. We activate the electrical/magnetic potential within the Bundle of His, at the Center of our Heart, to Blaze the White Gold Flame of Infinite God Consciousness.

Our daily Mindfulness Practice is:

Take some time out of each day as you do a daily task or meditation, be mindful of your thoughts. Be aware of what you feel in your Physical Vessel and allow your thoughts to rise and fall letting go of whatever arises. Allow everything you hear to carry you to the silence, everything you feel to guide you to the stillness. If you are in movement be conscious of your steps and your environment. Turn each activity into mindfulness practice.

Stay vigilant in your positive thoughts, emotions and actions for full Awakening and Transformation of  Eternal Waking Consciousness… A’Ho!


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