May 21, 2022: It’s About to Get Even More Unreal; Don’t Believe Your Ears [videos] – May 21, 2022

We knew the “pain” was coming. I don’t relish beginning a post this way but I want to get it over with so… here goes.

The whole truth about Hillary Clinton and the monsters running the world has to be known at some point. We are getting more details on Frazzledrip now and it’s appalling what these creatures have been doing to Humanity and in particular, the children. The way they joke about it, hide it in plain sight, and revel in their cruelty is inconceivably evil. It’s a big joke in Hollywood.

The fact that several of the NYPD officers who viewed the contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop died under suspicious circumstances tells you they can’t afford for this reality to get out—but it’s out there—and they’re going to pay.

Please be cautious about this information as very sensitive people may find it too disturbing. Gene Decode/CoSensei narrates toward the end from an update he did fairly recently. 8 min.


As the regulars know, I have for some time been showing bizarre examples of the media that suggested to me that the Patriots are showing us, the awakened, that they are indeed in control. In response to those amusing winks from the White Hats I have asked the rhetorical question, “Who really controls the media?” What we have been seeing and hearing for some time has been too preposterous to take seriously. It couldn’t possibly be the cabal controlling it.

Phil G. confirmed in his Q&A this past week that the Earth Alliance in fact does control the media but have been letting them be who they be to help wake up the public, while neither he nor I nor many of you would have let it go this long. The media IS the virus, and as long as they are spewing lies, propaganda and disinformation, we look like idjits to our friends, family, and peers. You might wonder why, if they have the power to take over the airwaves, don’t they do it? Wouldn’t we like to know? Affirmative. We can only assume it’s part of their plan.

Interestingly, I came upon this Telegram channel just now and they are echoing what Phil stated in his last live podcast. First phase… Confusion. Then, the Clarity phase. In most of their posts they speak from a position of authority, it seems to me. The channel info also displays ]Q[  Link to Telegram.

Fake Allen invasion uses clouds. Project BLUE BEAM…
First [DS] in many countries start to declassify UFO documents…
This Project Blue Beam was always in the cards for [DS] last resort……….
And a quiet benevolent real [CONTACT] incoming
The first fake contact ( project blue beam was always meant to disrupt the second [CONTACT]
Fake Allen invasion uses clouds. Project blue beam
LATER…>>>>. Clarity later<<


In keeping with that theme, we have an update from Dr. Joseph Farrell at his Giza Death Star blog.


If the Confusion phase begins the process as indicated, this kind of information may do the trick. I can see how the Patriots could have a lot of success with this scenario and allowing the media to go wild. There would indeed be opposing facts, details, and a great deal of confusion as fear set in and folks not in the know would be unable to make sense of it.

It’s probably going to get really over the top, and I can’t think of a better guy to do it than Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, because his recent material has been the prelude to this for awhile now. Totally unbelievable and often tongue-in-cheek. We were told there would be a fake WWIII scenario. Cue the eye roll. We can also see how news like this and the ensuing chaos could disrupt life for many people so strap yourselves in.

SOURCES: China preparing for “D-Day” INVASION of the continental United States, with forces to land on the beaches of California, as Biden and Newsom serve as China’s accomplices

What a Qincidence—back to masks. How can we take anything seriously?

Another virus, another mask! New Yorkers told to mask up again after local patient tests POSITIVE for same genus virus as monkeypox: CDC issues alert and WHO calls emergency meeting after US probes six cases while Europe confirms 100

Wow. They were so arrogant back then. The original name of the Gates Foundation was “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for Population Control”. The Internet sure changed things, didn’t it? Link to video on Telegram. [That’s a very interesting channel, by the way.]

The crew knows how I feel about this. I’m always harping on it. We need a healthcare reformation.

The Global Kidnapping of American Medicine Turns Hospitals into Killing Fields

The day is waning so I’ll end this here. I will probably take Sunday off. We’ll see. Have a good weekend, all. ~ BP

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