Starship Earth: Q the Vote! – May 17, 2022

Q’sday May 17, 2022: Q the Vote!

By Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Yesterday on the way to the airport there was a white car in front of me at the off-ramp with a big, black “17” on the bumper cover. It also appeared on the side of the car and I had to wonder if they are awake. The above is the license plate on a tour vehicle my other half snapped while on location on the island of Socotra—or more correctly—Soqotra with a “Q”. Just thought it interesting he would take this as he doesn’t know about our friend “17”.

It’s getting interesting out there with updates like the following on Telegram.

JUST IN – New York City raises the COVID “alert level” to “high”.

They just have to try to scare everyone, all the time.

And about that baby formula drama…

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