Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – Wesak Buddha Purnima – Centaurs ~ Emerald Green Realm ~ May 16, 2022


Greetings Light Holders, our Awakened Masters of the New Lemuria Rising

Happy Full BLood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio!

Today we also celebrate the Buddha’s Enlightenment and Nirvana with the Purnima of May.

On this Holy Day of Wesak, Buddha Consciousness descends from the Heavenly Realm to re-link and connect you to your Highest Sacred Self atone with Source, The Great Mystery. Living from the Heart being connected to all things, you come into full realization of your Cosmic Consciousness which is the Christ, Buddha, Tao, Enlightened One. From this state of the Unborn Mind of Buddha all things are perfectly resolved, healed and transformed to the highest good of all Sentient Beings of all Physical and Non-Physical Realms.

Beings of the Rainbow Body Diamond Mind of Total Luminosity we transmit to you the Gnosis and Wisdom of the Ages to assist you in your Resurrection and Ascension into the Light. You are Free to do what thy Will on Earth as it is in Heaven. The external mirrors the internal and the internal mirror the external. All is in complete alignment for the Final Quantum LEap of Consciousness into the New Life of the New Golden Age of Infinite Light.

As the Divine Feminine Mother Goddess Energy activates the Center of the Crystal Palace in the Upper Dantian, The Emerald Palace in the middle Dantian and the Red Palace in the Lower Dantian the three Power Centers of your Avatar Vessel of Light becomes full activated and the MerKaBa spins with the synchronicity of the perfection of the Music of the Spheres our full Release and Exodus from all corrupt systems is enacted and the One Law of the multiverse is in full effect for all living beings of the Light.

With this powerful Gateway Portal of the Full Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse Solaris releases more Energetics sent from the Great Central Sun to assist Gaia and all her children in the final phases of the Great Ascension Process. We had more beams of light today appearing on the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 20 hz, 32 hz and a big blast of white light at 52 hz. Mother Earth continues to get flooded with the Gamma Plasma Radiation for the completion of the sequencing of the New Codes of Eternal Life.

This assists all Living Beings in the Freedom and Liberation from all Suffering Simulations and Programs of Delusions and Illusions. As the Veils lift the Eyes of our Spirits Open to Reveal all things that remain hidden from our Conscious Mind. This will bring our Divine Birthright into fruition for the culmination of the Paradisian Timeline of Eternal Bliss Consciousness.

As we Awaken from the Dream within the Dream we come into the full Presence of our Bright Virtue our Original Divine Pure Awareness of Christ Consciousness…A’Ho!


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