Divinefeminine7777 ~ May 16, 2022


The May Full Moon, also called the Flower Moon is happening in the sign of Scorpio that is all about transformation, change, elimination, and rebirthing. As it is a supermoon and also a Lunar Eclipse, this means it will bring up more emotions to the surface and the transformational rebirth energy will be a lot to handle for many. As the water element, Scorpio brings up emotion, intuition, and the unknown from the subconscious. Because we are in the Mercury retrograde phase right now, you can expect a lot of things from the past to show up in different situations.

The purpose is to realise how they are keeping you stuck in the old (repeating cycles without a solution), not being able to clear it because you cannot see the connection in your own ways of being, doing, relating that you have learnt as a child. Scorpio will also bring up issues of power, control, and keeping secrets, pushing us out of our comfort zone and start telling the truth as we feel it, despite the old beliefs. look beyond the surface and the society rules and family line fears, wounds and blocks, don’t be afraid of the shadows, see/feel into the old that is coming up, recognize your ways of living and release what doesn’t resonate anymore. Open up to new energy and allow yourself to change and speak your truth. open up to the transformational energy and dive into the new. 🤍🧡

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