Bloodmoon/Lunar Eclipse ~ May 15, 2022


Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima

May 15 (6:32 – 11:50 pm Pacific)

A total lunar eclipse will darken the moon over the US and Europe tomorrow night. Triggered by the shadow snake of liberation, Ketu, this game-changing lunar eclipse can catapult you into higher awareness.

This lunar eclipse has a transformational fire within it. It falls in Vishaka, the Vedic star of purpose, clarity and one-pointed focus, and is also the Buddha Purnima — birthday of the Gautama Buddha.

Lord Buddha taught liberation from suffering through steady focus, observation and meditation. It’s said that the power of meditation is enhanced during this eclipse, so take this time to sit and follow your breath for at least ten minutes.

Be present with what is, and simply observe the emotions that may arise in your body. If you’re feeling held down or trapped in old patterns, use this time to cut cords and focus on the power of the present.

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