SANANDA:  I AM SANANDA OF THE LIGHT ONE WITH CREATION, I greet all my Flock of enlightened ones and all souled ones upon Earth this 3rd Earth-day of May, 2022.

Since Earth is supporting for the last time a 3D civilization, life upon a third dimensional planet is based on space and linear time.  Youmeasure each day by seconds, minutes and hours. 

In the Lighted Realms there is no “time” or space.  However, when we communicate with you upon Earth, we do so in 3D perspective.  When I say “soon” about Mother Earth turning, I am giving the message according to 3D time, not eternity of the Lighted Realms, as that is not understood by 3D people.   Remember the old saying, “A thousand years is like a day in eternity?”

I see in my Flock of enlightened ones some discouragement and frustration that nothing good is happening.  The world is getting worse as the U.S. has been take over falsely by the Satanists (Communists/Sociaists/Naxis.  Their plans are to destroy the great U.S. and make it a third world country with mass starvation and death, leaving only a few “slaves” left to do their bidding.  They have made a good start at this.  Know that Mr. Biden is only a clone doing the bidding of the controllers!

Food prices are soaring, gas prices are skyrocketing and executive orders are flying by taking down all the goodness that has been put in place.

Now I tell you that what you see happening for good is like a tiny tip of a huge iceberg.  You look at this “tip” you see and think it is just a small chunk of floating ice.  You did not realize that the greatest portion of that tiny piece of ice hides what is beneath the surface, for there is a tremendous iceberg below you can’t see. 

Do you get the point?  Great things are happening of which you are not aware nor told, for if all these plans were to surface for everyone to seek the Darkside would have all the ammunition to destroy those plans. To whom do I refer?  I refer to Sananda’s Flock, for they have come forth in the power of their God Spirit and thwarted many plans of the Dark One, or as I call them the Dark Brotherhood.   This helpfulness, also, includes the Moon and the Cosmos.

To speak in 3D time, the great “BOOM” shall be very soon and unannounced.  You do know that means Mother Earth tipping on her axis.  The Dark Brothers know of this and have done everything in their power to stop Earth from turning with their advanced technology.  They have, also, attacked the Lightworkers in every conceivable way to eliminate them However, nothing, and I mean NOTHING can harm my flock or stop Earth from graduating,  as she has done thousands of times In the past.

However, I want all of you to know that ALL souls are precious, even tie Dark Brotherhood.  Of course, if a souled one is cloned and then births more clones, these ones would have no soul.  Therefore, when Earth changes happen, those clones, according to Hatonn shall go POOF!

I need to mention again that all souls, have been given choices.  Rather than repetitiousness, shall have Anne place herein the Petition that Creation, Creator Source, and the Council of Light have approved:


We petition by our mighty God Spirit within, for a great, great Love of our Creator, all the Lighted Masters and all of Creation.

By our Mighty I Am Presence we petition for every single soul of Creation, still here on Mother Earth, Shan, and for every single soul of Creation, that has ever been created in the entire Cosmos, to be brought back to the light immediately, or given a chance to learn all their lessons by coming back to the astral plain whether they went to the void, the pool of reincarnation, were afraid to step into the beam or doorway of light and perished in Planetary transitioning changes, turned away the Truth, or they didn’t learn their lessons while they were in a 3D life stream.

We petition all souls to have a choice to go and live 350,000 years of 3D life streams or as many life streams they agree to, or they can start on the level of the astral plain of their present soul growth and work extremely hard and learn their lessons and graduate from there.

We humbly understand that each soul has a contract with their Creator. We also humbly ask that they be given more than one choice for lessons and soul growth. We understand the choice is up to each soul.  We humbly ask for this petition to be granted to all of Creation.

We petition, for all souls in the entire cosmos to have learned their lessons and have graduated before the great sleep!  We petition for no soul to go through the AGONY of the great sleep in 3D, in the void or on the astral plain.

We petition for the Cosmos to be continuously washed with Love, over and over and over again and to have the love washing continue on forever!  All souls are so precious!  All souls are amazing and beautiful!  All souls deserve to be home or to graduate!!!

Please surround us all, in the entire Cosmos with the white light of God, Aton, and the blue light of St. Michael!!  We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!!!  Amen!!!!


I speak now to those of you, who are awakened and have found the Truth.   Have you relaxed your learning?  Have you said to yourself, “Well, I made it to the ships!  Now I can sit back in my easy chair and rest a while, do what I want.” Have you kept balanced, centered, focused and calm?  Have you asked for your frequencies to be raised to the Harmonics of 169443 so you can step into the beam of Light without bodily harm?

I say to all of you again that the evil darts never ever stop each moment of the day, for if they see one teeny, tiny, miniscule moment when they can attack the Lightworkers, they shall do so.  How do you throw off these subtle attacks?

You keep reading and above all meditate with the Lighted Realms.  Do not relax one moment on your journey to home, and to know that I am here to take your hand when the going gets rough.

Mother Earth is holding at this point, even though she is at the last point of tipping over on her axis. We are on Red Alert, knowing that this tipping event could happen any time.  However, you are to take each earth day that has been given to you to gird up your enlightenment with more reading and meditating and helping others when asked.   No one can do it for you, for you are the one to see that you do your part and we will help when needed.

So, pick yourself up and carry on, knowing that you can reach the top of that mountain with all the help that we of the Lighted Realms can do, but it shall be your course and you that shall be victorious.

Remember!  You of my Flock are in our beam of light, and coming home to the Light is imminent.   I come as a thief in the night when least expected to bring my enlightened ones to the Lighted Realms! 

Lo, I am with you always!




By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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