Starship Earth April 19, 2022: Running Interference for the Patriots [videos] ~ April 19, 2022


The amount of disinformation and lies, slander, propaganda, and character assassinations is escalating. The dark has nothing to lose at this point so they are going for broke. The enemy is hiding outright lies and personal attacks on the good guys where we wouldn’t expect it, as well as where we would.

John McAfee, we believe, was Jeffrey Epsteined = spirited away by the good guys to protect their asset so he will be available for future use. Listen to this 4 min. video and don’t miss the ‘winks’ near the end. Link to Telegram.

On the other hand, the malevolent attacks are a good thing because it makes it clear who is on whose side. A guy going by Greg Reese is putting out vicious attack videos on InfoWars. Why does anyone watch Info Wars?

Anyone who goes out of their way to attack Trump, Elon Musk, or General Flynn, Putin, etc. is clearly either deranged, completely uninformed and brainwashed, or part of the cabal.

Phil G told us he believes General Flynn will be President, and now Patrick Byrne is floating that scenario so… who knows what the future will bring. The White Hats/Earth Alliance have it all figured out and will always be able to best the psychopaths. That is my opinion from all I know and see. I don’t believe it will unfold the way we expect, however.

If the White Hats didn’t have disinformation and misleading tactics, there would be no element of surprise. The Earth Alliance is too clever to tip off the enemy and know the war is won before it is fought.

It’s an interesting chess match we’re watching with Elon Musk. It might very well be a trap, like so many other tactical moves by the Light. They know how to get the dark to expose themselves—and walk right up to the gallows.

Elon Musk No Longer Twitter’s Largest Shareholder After Another Buyer Ups Its Stake In The Company

How about Jack Dorsey? Did you expect him to come out with his dukes up and dress down the Twitter board? Q kind of led us astray with those posts about “@Jack”, didn’t they? We’ll see whose side he’s on.

The White Hats have many secret weapons. Check out this Telegram about what Kim Dotcom has been up to with respect to the pedos. Link to Telegram.

Speaking of pedo joe — my guy KIMDOTCOM is droppin’ BQMBS on the pedo crime family! Here’s the trailer of his documentary MEGA CONSPIRACY, produced by my guys at Blowback Productions — on his MegaUpload battle with the DS. Looks like Kimbel is playing offense now.

Many nations are fighting the cabal any way they can. They just don’t go along any more.

JUST IN 🚨 Poland refuses to pay for new Covid vaccine deliveries

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) April 19, 2022

I hope people aren’t buying into the Shanghai fear porn. It’s even less believable than it was two years ago. Bodies falling out of high rise buildings all over the place… courtesy of Greg Reese… please. It’s absurd. The CCP are lunatics and hate Humanity. They will use their own people to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting and try to engineer another medical psyop. Link to Telegram.

I made a point about this last week. What is going on in China is NOT about a zero-COVID policy or a virus. It is about propandizing its own citizens, about flexing the iron fist, about propagandizing the West.  This is about social control, and creating the fear necessary to leverage it. A relatively small number of CCP tyrants are attempting to reign in a populace that outnumbers the tyrants 10,000 to 1 if not more. Watch this situation carefully, but set aside any notion that this has to do with pandemic virus mitigation.

It. Does. Not.

However… that video also appeared in Red Voice Media, which is Stew Peters’ platform, which surprised me.

Becerra came through again with a truth bomb. Last time he admitted paying taxes is voluntary. Is he a good guy? A White Hat plant, perhaps? Check it out at the Health Ranger’s Telegram.

Actual quote from HHS Secretary Bacerra: “We know that vaccines are killing people of color… blacks, Latinos, indigenous people, at about two times the rate of white Americans.”

Is Jordan Sather suggesting that Ardis, Braun, Mike Adams, and the 9 scientists so far who have come forward to confirm that snake venom is in the water are cabal because they have neglected to inform us of the following?

The way that these influencers are not telling you that PLA2 is not only in snake venom, but also CREATED NATURALLY BY THE HUMAN BODY, is pretty disgusting.

They’re manipulating you.

Link to Telegram.

True or false? Sather also attacks the movie [documentary] and suggests they just did it to scare us. I don’t trust Jordan Sather, a buddy of the recently escorted-off-the-planet, CIA operative and Truther community infiltrator Robert David Steele. We will learn the truth about the water, the venom, etc. increasingly as time goes on. In the mean time, we are urged to employ our utmost discernment to avoid being taken in by the silver-tongued and forked-tongued devils.

I meant to mention that in my travels on the WWW I saw someone questioning as to whether other people had batteries in their devices draining unexpectedly recently. I have had that happen twice in the past week or so. My iPad battery drained to zero for some odd reason. It never happens because I never let it get that low and am charging it through out the day and/or night so it doesn’t get depleted. I was shocked to turn it on and see a black screen—twice. It had been plugged in… almost like the charge was going out of the iPad rather than into it. Just thought I’d mention it.

We have a short piece here to take us away from the insanity and perhaps calm our frazzled nerves; giving us permission to step back and take personal time to rejuvenate the soul. The Schumann Report below expands on the significance of the current energies and resonance. Link to Telegram.

When we see a similar pattern in the chart it means we are working on all levels: emotional, mental, soul, physical.

The light penetrates in every direction, in every layer of our being and purifies, detoxifies, purges, brings to the surface what needs to be seen, looked at, healed, eliminated, released. This causes heightened emotionality and physical fatigue resulting in the need to release emotions with healing and soothing cries and the need for more rest.

Don’t fight against these moments of release. Embrace them with love, with infinite love: they are here to lighten your load, they are an outstretched hand that helps you raise your awareness of the Being of Light that you are.

It is no longer time for battles, neither external nor internal. Let go. Trust your Soul: it always knows what is best for you.

With infinite Love

FYI, Eli absolutely loved the flirt pole/Tail Teaser toy by Outward Hound. He will have to get better at relinquishing the little animal after he catches it. He is lightning fast and agile but still took his tumbles and did his face plants and somersaults which left him huffing and puffing so I let him take the toy, still attached to the stick, over to the shade to mouth for awhile.

He likes it because it has a rattle and squeaks. I just had to make sure he wasn’t chewing the line as he’s taken to gnawing leashes. The toy comes with an extra animal to switch out so we can wash the toy. Brilliant game and sure saved me and my back and provided lots of laughs. And no bites or scratches, either.

Here he is with his liver hanging out, hot and tired. Slept through the night, too—two nights in a row, and didn’t whine to go out in the morning. Hallelujah!

In closing, I’ll just add that themes and archetypes and seeming “coincidences” from time to time. Our pool leveler hasn’t been doing a great job and kept over-filling the pool so my other half advised when he left on his current business trip to “watch the water”. You can’t make this up. He has no idea of any other connotation or what is going on with the current venom and poisoned water narrative. I didn’t mention it because he doesn’t believe much of what I say, but I’m “watching the water”.

Enjoy the show if you can and take time to apply whatever spiritual salves you need to remain calm and level. I’m quite enjoying the fucshia-coloured bougainvillea bracts sailing briskly around the turquoise pool, powered by the breeze, like a loosely choreographed Trump flotilla. That’s the kind of thing you can see when you watch the water. It has many connotations.

Over and out for now, and thanks to the crew for keeping the comms flowing.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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