Starship Earth Your Sunday Digest for March 27, 2022 [videos]


Commerce, Georgia was the site for the Trump Rally last evening which you can watch on Rumble via the Right Side Broadcasting Network.

Or you can watch select clips here on the President’s page on Rumble. Possibly uploaded by Dan Scavino Jr?


I didn’t finish the post from yesterday so it is now today’s.

There is an interesting update on Supreme Court Justice Thomas after his release from hospital recently. The crew points to this article below at Real Raw News. When we say the deep state/shadow government is ruthless we are not simply tossing dramatic adjectives around. They have eliminated many “inconvenient” people over decades to tip the scales in their favour but the White Hats learned a few things over the years and the tables have been turned. Unfortunately, another SCOTUS member Justice Antonin Scalia may have also been taken out a few years ago but the psychopaths in the shadow governments are being exposed to the Light and positive assets are sometimes protected.

SCJ Clarence Thomas Poisoned!

This is another illustration of the “knowing” aspect of the scamdemic. The psychopaths know what cures diseases and they use those cures for themselves while they try to prevent us from even talking about them. They want us dead or feeding their corrupt medical industrial complex.

I still cannot believe people are going along with the medical tyranny out of ignorance and dutiful obligation more than TWO YEARS after the psychopaths began terrorizing everyone. How stupid can people be? We should have left this insane psyop behind long ago.

Opposition continues in the Great White Gulag.

Anti mandate protesters are beginning to gather at Olympic Plaza in Calgary.

A court ordered Injuction came into effect last week, barring protestors from gathering in parks, marching down the street, using amplification devices and honking their horns.

— K2 (@kiansimone44) March 26, 2022

Military Tribunals: Dr Zelenko Shows No Mercy for Crimes Against Humanity, Execution If Found Guilty [VIDEO]

Slight malfunction. Nothing to see here.

Understated, under-appreciated… for now. The best is yet to come. Kash Patel explains the power of the lawsuit Trump and his legal team levied on the Clinton cartel.

This is a great article from Michelle Walling I found very timely as so many cannot wrap their heads around what this means.

We Are in a Holographic Matrix

And now for the main attraction.

Over the years I have made statements about we Humans being “genetically modified” and “fearfully and wonderfully made” and Divine electro-magnetic Beings.

I have railed about the allopathic medical industrial complex, the healthkill sector and their indoctrination of the medical field and their butchery and slow kill tactics. We have discussed the suppression of healing methods that actually work safely to resolve our afflictions, whether physical, mental, or emotional, but there has never been a lot of material crossing my path that resonated like the following.

There is some overlap with other “alternative” modalities like chiropractic, and in reference to the NAET system I recently mentioned how a holistic doctor I visited about 17 years ago used some very unorthodox and previously unknown practices on me with marvelous results. Touch can do miraculous things when you understand how the Human organism is built and functions and what happens to cause it to break down.

This video is so good that I stopped watching after 10 minutes because I couldn’t give it the focus in that moment that it deserves and demands. I had to have the time to dedicate to fully absorb this so I could reap the benefits and share it for those of you who will appreciate it as I do. Following are the video intro notes from Youtube, and then the documentary itself. If you can only watch one video THIS WEEK, I recommend this one.

This documentary illustrating Neuro-Muscular Release Therapy embodies the true nature of who we are, the vessel we occupy in this lifetime, and the “user manual” we should have been given as a child. It overwrites the lies and provides a blueprint for us to thrive in the personal avatar they call a biological super computer.

It takes the concepts shared by Kryon in the “Hidden in Plain Sight” video I shared the other day and goes very deeply into the self-care and nurturing of our godly selves on every level. This research and its application in the “holographic matrix” we inhabit should be mandatory education.

We ARE the magnificent Beings Kryon spoke of that prompts him to repeatedly say, “I am Kryon; in love with Humanity”, and nearly every time it makes me cry, because we ARE loved. Kryon of magnetic service might make more sense after watching this. Experiencing a tune-up to our technology in the service bay will change our lives. There is nothing noble about carrying around our war wounds from past lives, the DNA passed on to us by our parents, childhood traumas, or any pain that locks up our electro-magnetic circuitry.

We have NOT been forgotten. Decades of strategizing, execution, covert operations, and infiltration and seeding of key players has gone into “The Plan to Save the World”. There has been untold sacrifice to bring us to the culmination of this brilliant effort to free us from bondage and the trap we have unwittingly been stuck in for so long we didn’t even realize it. We are so much more than our jailors have ever let us know.

This video compiles a great deal of information we learned over the years and adds a fresh aspect as well that can unlock our potential to heal and rejuvenate and hold a higher vibration; a healthy resonance in tune with the Earth and each other because it’s all about frequency. As you know, we all generate a unique energy signature and it is up to our “inner physician” to do the routine maintenance on our biological device; our personal technology.

In this film you will see things you have never seen before. It’s almost like magic—-but that is only because we do not understand the nature of our reality or who we are. Please share. It just might enable people to breathe a huge sigh of relief; to release the past and what does not serve them and to avoid triggering unnecessary trauma—-or “strauma”. They tell us that simply watching the release experienced by others generated a release in some people. That speaks to our connection to each other.

Enough talk. Welcome to the incredible work of Micah Skye. The best news… this is only Part 1. Part 2 is coming later. 1 hr 32 min.

Video Notes:

“Aloha and Sat Nam! We started this documentary over 15 years ago, for so many reasons. I have witnessed a great disconnect in not just western culture, but globally around touch and the power of our own healing technology. The human body is designed to be touched, to be released.

We are born into the simulation then we are indoctrinated, then we identify with the simulation and all of its indoctrination and it forms the very reality then we experience, no, and are Deeply identified into the illusion of our constructed reality being all that is.

What if that constructed reality was false and through systems of control, indoctrination, and toxification that was deeply compromising the divine vehicle we were created into in the simulation resulting in a mass psychosis of our experience here mentally, physically, and spiritually?

Cut to over two years into a global plandemic lockdown based off the general ignorance and lack of non-indoctrinated institutionalized medicine, human beings are more fear based and alienated to touch, to connection, and our humanity than I ever could’ve imagined.

We’re on the brink of a new age cosmologically, and that means a lot of change on the horizon. It was clear that the world needed this film now more than ever. Join us in the exploration into the power of the human mind, body, and spirit as we learn about the true power of humanity to heal thySelf all through the power of RELEASE.

We are honored to announce that RELEASE Part 1 will be premiering internationally March 2022, and Part 2 will be releasing globally this fall 2022. So think of this as our almost full feature length documentary on the power of touch and healing, and like the healing process is never finished!

We just know we need to share this with humanity now, and sometimes one individual can truly open your eyes to greater Transpersonal awareness as they embody such deeply connected aspects of our humanity that connects us all. It’s seems we need to find that collective connection to our humanity now more than ever…”

Eli is having a good weekend.

And for today that is all I have. Personal time is extremely limited these days. Enjoy your weekend.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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