Did Human-Like Aliens ‘Seed & Establish’ Earth’s Ancient Civilizations? (My Personal Encounter) ~ March 27, 2022


Editor’s Note: Although this is not my own experience, the idea is intriguing. And so I bring this to you for contemplation, allowing us all to BE in…

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After decades of research, investigation and personal experience, I believe that an early interaction between Earth’s inhabitants and otherworldly beings occurred between the 13th and 12th millennia BCE. I don’t sense that this was the first or only interchange, but I do consider it to be the most influential.

As the result of several remote viewing sessions and three personal non-terrestrial encounters with 7-foot tall ‘Greys’ (which includes a lost time event), an historical scenario was displayed to me. I witnessed a colossal disc-shaped craft descend and land in the area of the present-day Nile River delta. At that time, this location was completely encircled by the Mediterranean Sea, and that this craft was later transformed into a massive and magnificent island. This was the genesis of a great empire that encompassed the surrounding indigenous people and land. The rulers of this empire were the occupants of the craft that landed there. Their knowledge was disseminated throughout the region, and their bloodline was merged with the native people.

The aliens communicated to me that this empire was the nexus of several dominant and lesser civilizations. I asked them; “Was this Atlantis?” There was no response to my question. I witnessed representations of various cultures that developed over millennia. Some were brief glimpses of time while others were mighty empires. But all had a direct connection to the occupants of the craft.

There was particular emphasis made to the development of the ancient Egyptians. I observed order created out of chaos; a civilization that was deeply influenced by the beliefs of the extraterrestrials. For thousands of years, there were continued interventions by the alien Gods.

I was presented with a particular series of events that occurred during Egypt’s 18th Dynasty. This has been classified as the first dynasty of the New Kingdom of Egypt, an era in which ancient Egypt achieved the peak of its power. A profound encounter occurred during the reign of Amenhotep III, which greatly affected the royal family and the Priesthood. This encounter was interpreted by Amenhotep III as a divine message that the Pharaoh was a God that rivaled Amun-Ra and the Priesthood. Amenhotep III’s display of power and disdain for the Priesthood was watched closely by his son Amenhotep IV (who later changed his name to Akhenaten). When Akhenaten became Pharaoh, he established a quasi-monotheistic belief in the solar deity Aten, which I believe was a representation of an alien being or craft.

What I observed over the years eventually altered my perception of human history; that our past is intertwined with extraterrestrial beings. Modern humans are a genetic extension of otherworldly species. I also believe that most of the alien entities that people encounter are biologically enhanced and evolved humans from our past and future.

The Dropa Civilization

Apart from what I was shown by these alien beings, I wonder if another civilization may have been started in the Far East by celestial visitors.

In 1938, an expedition, led by the Chinese explorer named Chi Pu Tei, discovered a series of caves in the Baian Kara-Ula mountains on the border of Tibet and China. After examining them, scientists found 716 circular stone discs dating 12,000 years old that turned out to be ancient tombs and contained the remains of mysterious skeletons. These skeletons were bizarre, their length did not exceed 1.38 meters, and they had extremely unusual skulls.

Chi Pu Tei and his team found several caves nearby that had a rock painting of creatures in large helmets. Those creatures were painted in the background of images of the Sun, Moon, stars, and Earth. They also found a collection of 716 round stone discs with tiny hieroglyphic signs inscribed on them. Some of the discs were partially under the cave floor. Some sources say that the discs had completely inexplicable qualities. It was found out that they produce strange vibrations.

Tei brought the stone discs to Beijing University where they were kept for the following two decades until a professor named Tsum Um Nui began to study them closely in 1958. After 4 years of research, Nui said that the stones were at least 12,000 years old, and the hieroglyphs contained the information of their origin.

Professor Nui claimed that the hieroglyphs described a story of an alien civilization named “Dropa” that arrived from another planet in a spacecraft but had to do an emergency landing near the area of caves.

One of the discs allegedly contained the following text:

“The Dropa came down from the clouds in their aircraft. Our men, women, and children hid in the caves ten times before sunrise. When at last we understood the sign language of the Dropas, we realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions.”

Dropa were unable to leave the planet and simply died, but had established friendly relations with the local tribe Kham and helped each other to survive. According to the description, the aliens were really small, had scanty body hair, and the main feature was their blue eyes, which are not found among the inhabitants of Asia.

Could there be any correlation between the historical events showed to me and the supposed Dropa civilization? Were there other undiscovered ‘visits’ in different geographic locations? Lon

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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