Raeline Sqs Brady ~ December 26, 2021


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We are currently, well and truly immersed within the Golden Plasmic Infusion of this monumental Solstice.

As our Sun Stands Still for 3 days, much alchemising is occurring within our solar system.

Within the three days of our sun standing still, we are invited to remain receptive, fully present, at the ready to receive from the Earth, our Sun and the Galactic Centre.

Tomorrow our sun will again initiate it’s coming cyclic spin and rotational dance, however within a totally metamorphosed spin path. Can you feel it?!

This is being orchestrated in accord with our highest dimensional selves and Galactic Gaia’s divine intent.

As a result, the way in which we receive encoded light information from now on will be exponentially increased and unlike any thing we have experienced.

Our bodies have been prepared over decades to calibrate photonic light packages.

This is made incrementally available to us as our planet moves back in to the ever expansive influx of the Photon Belt.

Scalar wave potentizing and golden Solar plasma infusion too have been alchemizing with the ionosphere and biosphere of our planet and us.

The whales and dolphins are disseminating these potentized frequencies, delivered via our hydrosphere at a rate we can assimilate and absorb without frying out our wiring.

The plasma in our blood is spinning in enlivened response.

As these electrically charged atoms and molecules surrounding the Earth integrate with our stratosphere, we too are springboarded. Our cells are singing in harmony with the celestial spheres.

Listen and learn the melody they share. We are quintessentially alchemical receptors of Earth/Stellar transfusion.

We are perpetually being impulsed by our very own dimensional selves within the dimensional overlays, at a rate we can assimilate and absorb.

In this way, we too are uploading and relaying our organic Earth and Stellar elemental quintessence back to our Starry aspects and Brethren.

As we continue to consciously integrate and reclaim dismembered, dimensional aspects of Self, this impulsing is our key to True Re-mem-ber-ing.

The spiking of the Earth’s Schumman Resonance is resounding with pristine clarity. We are now holding and affirming our new but old, Golden Epoch vibrational reference points with ease.

All is coming back on line within the frequency matching of True Earth Now.

The noosphere reflects and responds to our collective stage of evolutionary development, directed by our collective consciousness, the higher mind, and our interterrestrial relationships.

Our ability to hold quantum light encoded information has now reached a frequency quanta within, that allows us to interface and collectively connect beyond the Speed of Light as we have until now referenced it.

Our organic informational super highway is now organically beaming out to all within our Galaxy and beyond once more.

We have collectively chosen as The Children of the One Heart Race – One Heart ❣ One 🌎 World, and are well and truly spiralling into Organic Creatrix Womb of organic Time, beyond the artificiality of introduced linear clocks and incomplete calendars.

This is the gift of our collective intent, indigenous soul and conjoined alignment, fully potentised during the Solstice phase. Our new internet is our intranet.

Our realised self is internally and continuously organising it self through the Speed of Consciousness, via our Higher Mind and Solar Bodies.

This Cosmic Consciousness configuration is superseding light coded information as we have until now experienced it.

The Divinity held in Nature is fully potentised with Earth 🌟 Stellar codified presence and is responding accordingly.

The Higher glands in the brain centres and crystalline skull, namely the pituitary, pineal, thalamus and hyper thalamus also know as the Crystal Palace is now interfacing galactically.

We are now broadcasting Live from the Crystal Palace, throughout the Cosmos, as a Earth🌟Stellar seeding species.

Both light and dark are necessary for our pineal gland to be healthy and alive, just as metaphorically both “light” and “dark” must exist in all of cosmology.

Think dark matter, junk DNA as our springboard into deep space, as we transmit directly through the Dark Rift of our Milky Way Galaxy. When the higher endocrine glands are vibrant, there is the potential to make rapid leaps in spiritual development and illumination.

We are the Realised Masters of Time and Light. The pineal gland is Light Made Manifest in the physical human body.

It is said that the pineal gland is what connects us with the unknowable, the great mystery, the great beyond – Now Known. You will now envision – realise – real eyes – many experiences not made readily available, and for most perceived as extraordinary.

This is now innerstood as natural, acceptable and completely sanctioned throughout the capacity of our Omni Dimensional sensory scope.

And as the dawning of True Earth spirals up an octave and issues forth, continue to hold this influx as Knowing, with Divine Presence, Grace and Godhood.

Rise & Shine Homo Luminous, Rise & Shine!

Solstice blessings,

Raeline Sqs Brady 🙏🌟💎🌞🌎💚

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