Queen Romana and Light Energy – December 26, 2021

In the highest realms – there is no duality…

Many of you will have heard that Light Energy Archetypes did not want the Dark Energy Archetypes to sit foot on their Light Energy planets..

It’s true…the light Energies do not want their vibrations to be tainted…


The Light Energy Archetypes – their consciousness are so pure their thoughts, actions and speechs are fluid…meaning synchronized…It is aligned.


As more and more dark archetypes have left and continue to leave for their prison planet… Earth and her people’s Consciousness continue to rise.

Our brothers and sisters from Intergalactic Alliance of worlds of Light beings continue to assist in increasing the light energies and Consciousness on Earth…


The old Earth under the Dark Archetypes had technologies that was projected onto the entire planet population 24/7 purposely lowering the We The Peoples conscious and energies…


Now those dark archetypes technologies have been destroyed by our brothers and sisters of Intergalactic Alliance Federation of Light beings…

Higher vibrational frequencies technologies are being used now to continuously raise Earth and Children, Women and Men and all Sentient consciousness and energies…

That’s why IF you are paying attention more and more people are waking up to the false narratives


So the awesome part of it now is that only Positive Light Energies are being sent all around planet Earth ☝😊👽🙏


Imagine an elastic band…when you pull it way, way back…then you let it go…it can travel long distance at high speed.

The same, analogy can be used for planet Earth, and her inhabitants…

The trajectory in which planet Earth ascends to higher consciousness will be very fast once the dark archetypes have all gone to their prison planet and have zero holds left on Earth…

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