Miscellaneous II – December 26, 2021

Saturnian worshippers, 33 is the highest level in Free-masonry. It’s a secret club, and you’re not invited,

On the side note, does Adele look like a dude?

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Transhumanism = Antihuman

Satan wants to offer us his worthless materialistic world, in exchange for our souls.

Transhumanism seems like the ultimate system of pathocratic control. That normal human beings are eliminated, and no longer pose a threat to the abnormal rulers. All the while, keeping the “juices” flowing to the overlords, and preventing progression and escape from such a system.

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There is a story going around on the internet that Tesla car is able to detect ghosts nearby.

So a group of friends drove through a cemetery with their Tesla car to check it out for themselves.

The Results are spooky.

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An old chemtrails story goes back a while…

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The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, UK.

You can notice the lovely Tartarian Architecture, with the Antennas on top.

This place was utilizing free energy from the Ether.

Notice the name “Brighton” it’s not because folks were pretty clever over there, but because it associates with the sun, and light. The white civilization. We are the beings of Light.

Official narrative tells us construction started in 1787. However this style of architecture is much older by atleast 1,000 years.

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Niagara falls is littered with Tartarian ruins. There’s also a Niagara Starfort.

The Niagara Star Forts were used in the War of 1812, which is a sketchy story.

It’s interesting that most defenders of the Star Forts lost their battles, apparently they weren’t too easy to defend!

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