It’s Time To Cross the Delaware – December 22, 2021

Full Interview!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️



Mr Pool Templar Sigil (Sigillum Militum)

Time stamp = 19.01 = 191


(Image of Vatican Snake Room)

anon meme makers please make some memes of the pope’s audience hall looking like a snake pit. That sum sik shit.

Rothschilds OWN Vatican Video

Seal Of Knights Templar (Sigil)

Grand Masters of the Knights Templar during the later 12th and the 13th century used a double-sided seal….and the Order’s symbol of two knights on one horse on the other side

Templars: Allegiance to POPE

Catholic Military Order

ILLUMINATI: The Satanic House the Rothschilds built

Banks Owned/Controlled By Rothschild

Central banks are illegally created PRIVATE banks that are owned by the Rothschild banking family

Rothschilds OWN Israel: Balfour Declaration

Saving Israel For Last

Wikipedia Sigil




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