Organic Ascension Timeline Repair ~ December 20, 2021


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The Energies continue to build and ramp up as we get closer to the Solstice and 12:21/22 Portal date. Since the M-class flare at 00:30am UTC on Fri, 17th Dec, we continue to experience almost constant C-class solar flares ever since the 12:12, with 9 C-class and a couple of B-class flares, so that were 12 for today. 

Many Timeline corrections, edits, adjustments and resets are currently taking place behind the scenes as the old artificial Matrix, it’s false memories, Timelines and holographic inserts continue to dissolve at quantum speed. Yet most of it is happening in our dream time and when resting, in the unconscious. With some of the more deeply held memories finally arising now. From my experience, we start to re-member more of what really happened and who we really are, when we have cultivated enough compassion, understanding and humility, and are ready for higher perspectives to be shown to us.

Today’s Activations brought a deeper Healing of the Lemurian holocaust Timelines in particular as we are now ‘returning’ to the One True Organic Ascension Timeline to where Lemuria and Atlantis never fell and got invaded. Imagine that 😉

Whatever we are resolving as a big Soul theme right now at a personal level will be connected to these fallen Timelines that we were part of, as we are bringing these soul pieces back to us for integration. We are ‘going back to the start’, where things went wrong for us and also collectively, because we will have played our part in it all. There will be something playing out in your life that acts as a Timeline bleed through which means it’s directly connected to another Timeline/ incarnation, or rather several, as it will be a big Soul theme/s for each. Now we get to correct our past ‘mistakes’ (experiences) and heal our trauma, which helps us recover our memories from other incarnations/ lifetimes and enables Multidimensional merging. We are to put all those pieces back together. But we have to be able to face The Truth, and no-thing but the Truth, which now arises from within an there’s noone and no-thing that can stop what is already unfolding.

There is also nowhere to hide or run to. This is a Cosmic Quantum Reality Reset. Affecting ALL of Creation. THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.

What is unfolding now is a full dissolution of karmic imprints, debts, ties, hooks, attachments, connections etc with the lessons to be shown to us. Corrected history and memory codings/ re-codings are now unlocking with what looks like Lightlanguage codes streaming in and braiding throughout our DNA and the Planetary Grid System. This will unlock our Multidimensional DNA quickly now and with it painful memories will likely arise of where we have given our power away or exercised control over others. Where we experienced trauma. With it we are now releasing any remaining Victim and Victimizer programming, associated thought forms, and energies held at cellular and subatomic quantum level!

Overall, I have found in my own experience that we will remember now just how much we have been messed with, as we have more compassion, love and a higher perspective to face the sheer immensity and trauma connected as it all releases and clears now. ALL IS BEING REVEALED NOW. It’s no longer a choice in wanting to know. Cognitive dissonance costs life’s. As the understanding and forgiveness sets in we are ready to transmute the remaining trauma. This is when all can finally resolve now, when we fully forgive ourselves for letting it happen and for our role/s played, as well as forgiving others for theirs. The end of all war’s! That doesn’t mean we let the murderers get away, oh no. They will literally dissapear, they are not part of the new Organic Ascension Reality, hence they will tell you whatever they can to try and have you extending their life span right now, by keeping you stuck in the wheel of time, focusing on the next date and the next forecast and years of prognosis.

Now our true memories can finally be fully unlocked, from within our Sacred Krystal Hearts. But we have to face the naked Truth, so we can correct our errors of the past and fully align and choose the One True Organic Ascension Timeline, as the artificial ones dissolve and collapses at quantum God speed now. This is all part of us retrieving our missing soul pieces and aspects. Otherwise they don’t feel safe to return! Any remaining ownership claims, contracts, agreements, promises and vows made with the negative aliens and anything and all connected to these false, artificial Timelines dissolves now and declared nill and void. This includes the removal of negative Alien inserts, implants, tags, signals, tracking devices etc.

There is also a big clearing at etheric level going on as this week has been another huge Victory on the Grids that are almost all cleared now and pulsing and glistening with Crystalline Golden Light! The etheric needs to be cleared before we can fully merge the higher dimensional layers into the physical or we would have a horror show and noone needs that lol! This also means we have a lot of parasitic entities and energies being removed and releasing. Keep your energetic field clear and sovereign at all times, especially as all the gremlins are removed and of course you have to cut all their energy supply off.

This is a hugely transformative phase and much self care is required to assist this as Ascension through our own. We are in between worlds right now. Navigating Dimensions and Portals. We are receiving much rejuvenation and rehabilitation of our Blueprints that are fully restoring and activating the Divine Template of the 144 Golden strands of DNA. We are doing much sacred work as we are resting and sleeping, as well as collapsing all the artificial Timelines now as the most rapid quantum god speed ever seen! Remember, IT IS already DONE. For SO IT IS!

ASCENSION IS IMMINENT! THE VICTORY IS ALREADY OURS & soon to be made public and visible!!

Keep merging with your Ascended Master, Guardian, God Source Self and New Earth ~ Nova Gaja ~ NOW, in NO-TIME, in the quantum field!


Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 💙

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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