Our Future Con’t – December 17, 2021

Trump will be reinstated as 19th President. Elect a new VP. [JFK JR]

Then something massive will happen.

Trump will become KING as Melania is the Queen of Russia. Anastacia Romanov’s Grand Daughter.

JFK JR will have a new VP.

General Michael Flynn is very possible.

7 Trumpets

7 Presidential Msgs to everyone’s phones on Earth.(Remember E.O 13818) He has seized everything.

7 Kingdoms.


Romanov Romance: First royal marriage in over a century held in Russia

Subscribe to RT t.me/rtintl


You are going to learn about the Federal Witness Protection Program that goes back further than how it is documented. White Hats & Black Hats have been carrying out these Operations a lot longer see Operation Paperclip for instance. They have all had to change names and doctor up the lineage.

No different from the Russian Romanov family to escape the Bolshevics.

No different from Julian Assange.


See now the importance of the 1st Romanov Wedding in Russia in over a century??? The Flip. Russia is not the enemy. The Bolsheviks/Khazarians/Zionists are. The ones who have controlled Big Pharma, Insurance Companies, Big Tech & MSM. Who are the Govt of Israel that the Rothschild’s/UK Royals set up? Bolshevik/Khazarians. [ISRAEL IS LAST] Y? Balfour Declaration.

UK Crown is Done. Same with France.

They both started WW1. Rothschilds of UK & France. Nothing will be placed with them ever again.


China are going to a Republican Govt too if they aren’t already. Bit like we know the Queen has been dead almost 2 yrs. I believe there was an Air war US, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, India vs China.

Remember Space Force. War for Space Control. Xi then let ground forces in to extract CCP. Hence Xi making this announcement about leading forever under 1776. You have read those write ups. King Xi perhaps 1 of 7. Chongqing Northern Dams + 3GD + Wuhan Pharma Labs + Red Castle,Tiananmen Square (Humpty Dumpty)

Russia is interesting a recent Romanov wedding after a century + Melania factor.


One of Melania’s sides has been doctored up. She is Slovenian/Russian.

She is the Grand Daughter of Anastacia Romanov.

The Romanov’s were murdered by the Bolshevics. We were all told they were dead. But 3 young Romanov boys were put on a ship bound for the USA in a White Hat operation. They all had their names changed. 1 of them had to change his name 3 times. There is Russian Royalty in the USA when the World believes they all died.

I will reshare info.


Xi & Putin both made announcements about staying forever. 1776.







There’s 5 i’d say definates.


JUST IN – Russia: U.S./NATO must not set up military bases in, offer membership to ex-Soviet states – security draft agreement.

Russia offers NATO to abandon military activities in #Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Transcaucasia, and Central Asia.



I have shown 7 Presidential Msgs = 7 Trumpets = 7 Kingdoms. Russia are about to take back former Soviet States.

Naturally when they announce the collapse of the Commonwealth/Crown there is need for a new make up to share wealth.

The reversal of the 1871 Act Of England means massive things for the make up of the World.


Like i mentioned Russia is taking back all Soviet states

Turkey becomes Turan which are states like Uzbekistan, Kazak, Turkmenistan etc

Australia & Pacific Islands go to the USA.


Russia taking back former Soviet States.


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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  1. Trump is NO KING. I knew already that Melania was Russian Royalty, I was told this 3 years ago. Trump has dirty secrets and its time he comes clean and every site that hides the real truth from the people. I dont depend on Restored Republic for any real or accurate truth, they have only confused and reported too much disinformation for way to long. I only trust a physic that has been right every time the last 5 years. Everything she has said about Trump, Pence, Jared, Ivanka and Melania is true. Trump hasnt changed, once a CHEATER always a CHEATER. He cheated on Melania with Diana. Melania divorced Trump in Oct 2020, I dont blame her I wouldnt want to hold his hand or kiss him either, which confirms why she was so cold to him. I know Trump and Melania had seperate bedrooms at the WH, Diana shared Trumps bedroom. It isnt Melania we see its Diana wearing a Melania silicone mask.The day Trump gave his departing speech and him and Melania flew to Fl on AF1 as soon as they landed she wouldnt talk to reporters she went right to Mar a largo picked up her suitcases and left to her parents. She has not been around Trump since that day. Im glad for her, she can finally have some happiness and enjoy her life. Hes now married to Diana, they deserve each other they are both cheaters. I have no respect for those who cheat in a marriage, only those who have NO morals or values find it acceptable, including liars and deceivers. I recognize only ONE First Lady and see her as the greatest FL Washington DC has ever had and thats Melania. The country and its citizens have had enough of UK, British, the Commonwealth and any fake royals from there for ever. For those of us who know the truth it will be interesting to see what lie Trump will try to feed to his conditioned sheep with this. And he wonders why people have been walking away from him, here and around the world.


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