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Editor’s Note: Since I blog for a living (see above…Thank You!), I take ready note of the ideas and mental constructs available in the “blog sphere”, and I see a trend is forming which is discussed below, with links, which you may want to read and research on your own.

The large human question has always been, “Who Am I”, and “Why am I here?”. And so, humanity has been able to deduce certain information with the help of those sensitive souls capable of receiving glimmers of messages within themselves. And that, my friends, is the part of the whole process humanity is engaged in…a “cosmic upgrade” for our Soul Selves unrelated to the physical plane except as experienced through our human bodies. “For all is being changed, all is being upgraded or downgraded, there is no middle line. Those who do not choose one path are choosing another.” (read here for further development of that thought.)

Well, I choose for my Soul Self to be upgraded and…how does that happen? Life IS energy…there is no doubt anywhere for this basic concept, so let’s focus on energy. There are many great substances which transfer energy, yet let us focus on two which happen to be super abundant on Planet Earth…water, and crystals.

Water is everywhere, including inside each of our human-body cells giving each human the ability to transmit energy, which…we do, although this is largely unknown to us because we have not been taught about our energetic selves! So…water provides the internal ability for us to vibrate energetically at the cellular level.

Crystals are also everywhere on our planet and make up a large portion of the dry mass on earth, i.e. sand, chemical elements, rocky soil and treasured gems. In fact, the importance of crystals on Planet Earth is of huge importance as they correlate to a moment in Earth’s history when humanity again reached out again to upgrade their spiritual reality through physical means using…crystals. Please read more about that project here.

We have Planet Earth blissed with that which can receive an increased measure of energy through the water in our individual bodies, and through the Earth via it’s largely crystalline structure. Through receiving increased levels of in-coming energy, Humanity is currently in the process of energetically ascending. We are receiving energetic codes of light, of love, which cause us to vibrate at new energy levels not available to those of the dark who choose to vibrate at low energetic levels, and this is why the dark are/will exit our planet, leaving humanity to continue on our journey of merging, and emerging with Love as they cannot tolerate higher energies. Read here for more.

This need to change and upgrade our human existence, is actually culminating as the emergence of humanity into Self Knowledge and is perfectly timed! Previous human civilizations (Lemuria) focused on exploring spirituality, without a foundation of technology for support. Next, Atlantis, as a civilization, gained spiritual awareness with technological superiority, yet was overcome by those of technological prowess who sought to “Know God” through technological superiority, without a grounding in spirituality.

Again, the call resounds for humanity to “look within” aided by higher levels of technology which are then tempered with the internal backbone of spiritual thought. Yes, the earth plane is currently consumed with chaos as the technology folks seek, once again, to overcome spirit-minded, yet those who “look within” have found another stance for life and use technology as a tool…NOT a “reason.” Please see here for an introduction to spiritual thought patterns.

The thought for those of a spiritual nature to “look within” is confusing for a largely uneducated society who, indeed, have been groomed by controllers to be-lie-ve in what is witnessed, touched, seen, heard, or tasted with this physical-only stance being encouraged leading to thoughts which ultimately lead to despair for the human heart/mind. Please read here for discussion of this fact.

What is the bottom line here on Planet Earth? The human spirit IS not able to be defined by using merely human physical terms. We see Western Medical practice failing as cures are no longer available…only “treatment”, and this failure is due to the neglect for the most predominant disease…that of the human spirit in despair.

However, my “job” as a Laboratory Director is that of being a “problem fixer” and I choose to use this trait by providing education and thought designed to help heal humanity. So…please access information provided on my blog, or any other blog I recommend (there are listed at the bottom of my web page), to learn more about the “real” you, who was destined to BE here at this time, in order for Humanity to merge with these anxious times, and then e-merge (with a higher vibration) into circumstances where ALL will BE in…

Quantum Joy!


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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