Dear beloved family of divine love light ~ December 1, 2021


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Lyubisha Luke Jovanovic

As One, we are crossing through golden-silver-rainbow bridge to reach the end, or fully connected with Cosmic energy of God/Goddess in Great Central Sun, by passing 12th dimensional frequency, leaded by our Heart centre of Divine Love and Light energy.

The last remnants of dark energies is, still, trying to make obstruction to our advance movement across the bridge of 11th frequency, trying to make new plot of lies and dark magic, by keeping some of population in fears of virus virtual program and micro chipping through vaccination,

but these their actions will unsuccessful, they do not have souls as part of their AI quantum program, while We are creating our Divine Love and Light Organic program of Peace and Freedom, and Harmony, and Abundance for all equally, with Joy and Happiness of our True Divine Selves in our Sacred Harts-Minds.

They are trying to take some Souls of Humanity, by triggering m-RNA incorporated in DNA inserted by vaccination, but this will be neutralized by new waves of Cosmic Solar short flashes, start, coming today and preparing for final flesh for transforming our 4D holographic reality to 5D Golden age of Gaia and all Her Inhabitants.

Negative ones is trying to use negative aspect of this Solar Eclipse, on 4th of December, to stop our Spiritual journey and turning back to 3D, but this Solar eclipse has positive energies, too, so we can fully established Golden Bridge, and continue our Ascending journey to enter to not just 5D, but 7D as Angelic team of

New Lemuria, connected with old Lemuria, and Antlants and All 12 tribes of Humanities, with all Souls from all Kingdoms / Plants, and Animal with Whales, and Dolphins, and winged friends, and Lions and all others, with elements as Unicorns, Pegasus, and Fairies, and Ascended Dragon families and Elohim, with our beloved Inner Earth Families, and Ascended Masters, and Masters, and Archangelic realm with Arch. Michael,

with Angelic realms, with our Star Families and Friends / as Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar, and Lord Lincorn and many others Galactic Federation of Light fleet, where are our Twin Flames/ and all others in Cosmos, creating this Golden Age, reunion all as One with our Prime Creator, based on Divine Love and Light, and Peace and Harmony with freedom and Abundance and Happiness for all.

The negative ones is trying to reconnect with black Sun, at the core of our Sun as a dark portal controlled by AI quantum matrix, and to reactivate Jupiter as a second Sun, used as a false god for 3 D matrix of control mind program and re-opening of Jupiter –Orion portal of reincarnating Souls as a slaver energies in their game of panic and fear repeating program,

They will use fixing Star All Waid, as evil eye in Dragon’s constellation, to activate through Jupiter being in Sagittarius in time of Solar Eclipse, in correlation with Jupiter, being in Sagittarius in time of Solar eclipse, also being in Sagittarius, at the same time. With these triple cosmic object connected through Sagittarius portal, negative energies with solar eclipse localised at southern node o Antarctica, will try activate dark Sun portal, and close our Ascending journey bridge at Solar core, with intention to block our journey and turning us back again to the lowest dimensional frequency where is life is possible.

But We are aware of their intention, and I am calling as an Avatar, part of 144 Angelic team and 144000 white brotherhood / sisterhood of rose, to great reunion of all of us, make great heart to heart network, and to absorb the highest level of many Solar Flashes, coming from Great Central Sun, and beaming to all around the globe of our mother Earth, but mostly focusing et Moon Lilith and her shadow on Earth to heal it and turning to the Light, that will further beam the core of our Beloved Sun Solaris, to switch of Ai matrix of dark portal / that will activate its Heart software / and opening Light Portal at the Core of Sun Sol, so we are safety coming to the end of our Ascending spiritual journey of 12 subdimensional final frequency, to open 5 Dimensional Golden door, with final reunion with our Unuversal / Multiversal/ Cosmic families, on our physical realm.

We Humanity, in tandem with all Souls of all Kingdom, together with our Mother Earth, are Great Cosmic activator, and we are finish our Spiritual Journey successfully, followed by others, marching in great reunion with our Beloved Father/Mother God.

I am asking first team our star families to land secretly, using portal of 144 Angelic team of New Lemuria, and take out all negative beings and entities from our planet from physical and lower astral plane, to clean it off properly for our final transition to 5D with still open portal for higher 4D for other Souls, ready for transition.
This flow of divine love and light energies beaming Moon and core of Sun, and part of Sun being in shadow, will start NOW and HERE through 144 Angelic Team of New Lemuria with 144000 White Brotherhood/ Sisterhood.

We are sending our forgiveness, love and compassion for all of our past life times, and Forgiveness and Love, and Compassion for our fallen brothers and sisters, still, playing dark roles.

We are so grateful for all divine participants, we are doing amazing divine job of great reunion with all, as One, with our divine God/Goddess, or Prime Creator, creating New Cosmic Life of Divine Love abd Light, and Peace and Freedom, and Abundance in all form equally for All, with Harmony and Joy and Lough, and divine creations based on sacred heart-mind, with complete new technology based on our heart-love frequency.

All my love to all in Cosmos, and love and healing energy to our Mother Earth-Gaia Sophia, and our Sun Solaris.

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