GAIA DAILY – Nov. 29-Dec.3 – GREAT MOTHER MANIFESTO ~ November 30, 2021


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Mercury, the Sun and asteroid Vesta of the sacred flame, are together in Sagittarius. The Moon will join them for the potent Sagittarius Solar Eclipse coming up this weekend. This stellium of elements in Sagittarius holds a powerful message for us. It is time for humanity to rise from the ashes and claim back their right to spiritual evolution.

This grouping in Sagittarius is also in trine to Chiron in Aries, and in sextile to Saturn in Aquarius. This forms a ‘kite’, shape in the sky, except that the base of the kite, which would be in the sign of Leo, is missing. This kite with Saturn in Aquarius at the tip, is creating a vacuum in Leo, a vortex which is calling into empowerment, the visionary, inspirational leaders of the New Age. SuperNova Souls, that’s you!

We have been kept hidden for so long. In order to survive, we have been buried with the scrolls of the teachings which we agreed to keep safe. We’ve been buried so deep, we have been hidden, even from ourselves. But it is time to uncover the truth of who we really are.

These elements in Sagittarius will be directly opposite of Black Moon Lilith in Gemini for this Eclipse. We will be silenced no more. It’s time for the song of the Great Mother to be heard once again, ringing across the land. The bell of freedom is saying that until the most oppressed of us humans is free, we cannot bring America, and the world, into freedom.

Venus in Capricorn is in sextile to Neptune in Pisces. The sacred divine destiny of the feminine, the voice of the Great Mother is about bringing back care and compassion, an awareness of where we have allowed ourselves to be divided against each other.

It’s time to heal and forgive where we have treated each other as less than human. We must see fully, and live the truth, that human souls in a body are by birthright, born equal. It is time of the great American Manifesto, where we heal and forgive, with compassion, in order to bring all into freedom. It’s the power of compassion that once again ignites the sacred flame of passion and purpose for humanity.


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