Come To The Edge! – Pleiadian Collective ~ November 30, 2021


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Greetings To The Light!

Love And Power To Those That Dare To Step Outside The Waking Dream!

For There Is Life Waiting For You That Will Meet You At The Place That You Entered The Dream!

Come To The Edge!

Do You Fear You Might Fall?

Come To The Edge!

Do You Feel It Might Be Too Much?

Follow The Light And Come To The Edge As We Watch You Fly!

As You Experience Yourself In A Fresh Way, You Are Closer To Your True Self!

What Is Beyond The Endless Lies And Chaos?

What Could Be Better Than Finding Lasting Peace And Clarity!

You Are Discovering Who You Really Are!

As All Life Exists In A Quantum Field, Know That This Infinite Field Exists In Everything From The Smallest Particles Of The Quantum Atom To Distant Galaxies That Are Aware Of Planet Earth!

You Are The Artist As Well As The Art!

All Life Forms Are Coded And Gifted For Creativity And Survival!

From A Tiny Spider That Weaves An Intricate Web Of Beauty, To Trees That Bend And Reach To The Sun To Provide Oxygen For Animals And Humans.

All Life Has A Purpose.

Together You Are The Collective.

You Survive And Nourish Life On Many Levels That You Are Not Aware Of In Your Day To Day Existence.

Once You Become Grounded And Centered, Your Chakras Will Open To Energies Within And Surrounding You.

These Energy Centers Are Very Important To Guide You With Intuition And To React To The Life Force That You Are!

As You Protect The Energy Field That Surrounds You By Commands Of White Light To Remove And Repel Darkness, Know It Is Done.

Light Comes And Goes At Your Command. Remember This And Watch The Results.

When Becoming Aware Of The Light, You Can Expect Toxic People To Leave Your Area.

Indeed, Darkness And Low Frequencies Cannot Exist With Light.

If This Is A Person You Have Felt Love And Caring For In A Span Of Your Dream, It Can Be Much Like The Experience Of Detoxing From A Substance.

But You Will Get To A Place Where You Feel Lighter And More Free.

Stay In This Place And Never Second Guess Your Choice To Be Free Of Toxicity!

As We Are Moving With You To The Higher Realms Of Being, Know That There Are No Lower Frequencies Here!

This Will Make All Of The Earth School Worth The Lessons!

You Chose To Be Here And Nothing Can Harm Your Higher Essence!

You Are Our Beloved Ones Of Light!

Stay Present And Never Stop Expecting The Light To Fall On Planet Earth!

We Are Here In Great Numbers!

We Will Never Leave You!


With The Forces Of Light, We Love You So!

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