Pars Kutay ~ November 28, 2021


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As We move closer to the end of this year a Series of Veils will BEgin to LIFT. . . they BEgin to reveal TRUTH to us on another level.

This is part of our DESTINY in Motion as Revelations and Blessings are BE-ing returned to us. . . bringing us into a HIGHER Understanding and Alignment of our own unique DIVINE Components.

The Call going out is to Accelerate into these Sacred Moments of our Makeup and Reclaim our Heritage.

All is in Hand as We take another Step forward Creating Multi-Dimensional Building Blocks within our Hearts.

As We move Closer to Completing this Year’s CYCLE there are a Waves of FLUID ENERGY. . . which carry Powerful LIGHT FORCES that are Entering Earth.

These FORCES of LIGHT are Designed to Expand and Build during the months of October. . . November. . . and December.

Creating a SHIFT within the Magnetic Frequency of the Earth’s Magnetic CORE. . . and Birthing a HIGHER Resonance of LIGHT to Emanate. . . Pulse from the Magnetic CORE outwards across the Earth plane.

An Expanded FLUID ENERGETIC Patterning is arising from the Magnetic CORE in the form of an Expanding LIGHT SPIRAL.

An Electrical SHIFT is Activating within the Magnetic CORE of Earth. . . Creating Openings. . . Forming a series of NEW Vortexes throughout the planet.

This is NOT a New Environment that is BE-ing forged. . . these Multi-Dimensional Structures have always existed throughout all time.

These Happenings are a Resurrection of Pure LIGHT Frequency Consciousness arising on Earth.

They take the form of Sacred Geometrical patterns for the designated purpose to Create Openings to SHIFT our Conscious Connections to the DIVINE Element of TRUTH.

These forms are interacting within our ENERGETIC FIELD. . . Heart Cells and Brain Creating some disorientation in our day- to-day Reality Experience.

Letting Go within our Hearts in Conscious Moments supports us to adjust Physically. . . Energetically. . . and Emotionally through the Multi-Dimensional Changing Landscape of Earth.

The Earth’s rotation is Shifting and Causing a Strengthening of a more direct Alignment and Alliance to the Sun.

This Happening is also Creating a Further Disorientation within our Systems.

This is the Time to Let Go and to Create Moments of Focus within our Hearts to offset this Feeling of Confusion within the Ego Mind.

We are NOW Navigating into NOT New. . . However into Unfamiliar Territory that can bring our HUman Mind into a feeling of Chaos and BE-ing Out of Control.

The Covenant’s Webbing is Assisting us in this Entire Transitional Process.

This Webbing is Interacting directly within the Magnetic CORE. . . creating a SPIRAL like Flow of LIGHT moving from the Inner CORE outwards and Across the Planet.

The Spiraling LIGHT Expands its form as it Flows. . . Deepening the Multi-Dimensional Potential as it also interacts within our Heart Cells.

These Spirals enter a Transmitter. . . which exists in each Heart Cell.

These Spiraling LIGHT Particles are designed to Launch us into a rapid Transmutation Process.

The LIGHT Particles enter the Transmitter within the Heart Cell. . . giving us Access to the Focused Potential of our HIGHER SELVES.

These interactions allow us to Gain Access into the Expanded Vibrational Framework of the Heart Cell.

The Covenant Webbing has made this Manifestation within our Hearts Possible.

Within DIVINE LOVE of ONE and in Service
Pars Kutay


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