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  • France’s education minister has announced plans to boost the teaching of ancient Greek and Latin in an effort to fight the proliferation of wokeism and “develop the culture” of the country’s younger generations. Speaking on Monday, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, a leading figure in France’s war on woke, said that ancient Greek and Latin would become available to sixth formers pursuing vocational courses next year, as well as middle school students. Blanquer wants sixth formers to have the opportunity to “develop their culture” by reading ancient philosophers while gaining the technical qualifications that the economy demands.
  • Once crypto assets are regulated and approved and they can touch cash markets within crypto, it may explode within “24-36 months,” says David Mercer, the CEO of foreign exchange company LMAX group. Mercer, who was discussing the future of institutional investment in crypto at the Digital Asset Summit in London, said a “$250,000-500,000 bitcoin is entirely possible” and that “we haven’t seen anything like what’s coming.”
  • Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has made it clear that his country does not want to leave the European Union – although he has also signalled his intent to fight for significant changes within the bloc. In a speech given in Budapest to his Fidesz party supporters, Orban said that “We don’t want to leave the EU at all, they can’t get rid of us so easily … we want to keep our sovereignty and we don’t want to find ourselves in a United States of Europe, instead of integration.” In reference to Hungary’s past, Orban also said, “After communist bureaucracy… we don’t want new dictates this time from Brussels.”
  • As Julian Assange waits to find out if he will be extradited to the US, a new report has painted a bleak picture of the London prison he is being held in, highlighting concerns over inmates’ welfare in particular. On 12 November, the HM Inspectorate of Prisons published an investigation on conditions in London’s Belmarsh high security prison – dubbed ‘Britain’s Gitmo’ – which spells out in some detail the nightmarish environment WikiLeaks founder Assange has been forced to call home since his expulsion from the Ecuadorian Embassy in April 2019. Investigators found Belmarsh staff “had not paid sufficient attention to the growing levels of self-harm,” “and there was not enough oversight or care taken of prisoners at risk of suicide,” meaning “urgent action needed to be taken” in order to ensure prisoners were kept safe. Since the Inspectorate’s last visit in 2018, there had been four suicides, while recorded incidents of self-harm were four times higher. Figures for attempted suicides weren’t cited, although internal probes into such incidents were said to be “very poor.”
  • Organisations linked to the health sector and vaccines were among the main targets of hackers in the UK during a 12-month period that saw the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) handle 777 reports of cyber-attacks. The NCSC’s annual review flagged the “worrying growth” of criminals seeking to use ransomware software to extort organisations, with the agency declaring it “the most immediate cyber security threat to UK businesses.” This type of attack locks individuals out of their computers until they pay a fee, often in bitcoin. In 2017, a ransomware attack brought the UK’s NHS to a halt, after a virus rapidly spread through hospitals and GP services, preventing medical staff from accessing patient data.
  • The longest lunar eclipse in over 500 years will occur in the early hours of November 19, lasting several hours. The peak of the partial eclipse will take place in the predawn hours on Friday when 97% of the moon will be eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow. The previous longest partial eclipse took place in 2018 and lasted less than two hours, while this will last for several hours.
  • Lucid Motors’ market capitalization reached $89.9 billion on Tuesday following a 24% runup in the EV start-up’s stock price on accelerated reservations of its luxury electric sedan, the Air. The company’s market value closed in on GM’s and topped Ford’s. Lucid was founded in 2007 as a battery company called Atieva. In 2016, the company announced plans to develop an all-electric, high-performance vehicle. Its first Air sedan, which has an industry-leading range of 520 miles, is seen as a Tesla Model S rival. Lucid started delivering a $169,000 ‘Dream Edition’ of the flagship car to customers in late October. Reservations have now surpassed 17,000 cars, up 31% in roughly six weeks since the end of the third quarter, the company said. This week, Motor Trend named the Lucid Air ‘2022 Car of the Year’, which is the first time for a first electric vehicle from a new automaker.
  • A Boston hospital will conduct human trials to test the safety and efficacy of a vaccine to counter Alzheimer’s disease next month. It will mark the first clinical trial of a nasal vaccine for the dementia-causing disorder. In a statement on Tuesday, the city’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital said the initial phase-one trial will involve 16 patients between the ages of 60 and 85 who exhibit early symptoms of Alzheimer’s but are otherwise healthy. The participants will be given two doses of the vaccine a week apart. They will receive varying doses over six months, starting in early December, with researchers doing blood testing to determine the appropriate dosage, Dr. Howard Weiner told the Boston Globe newspaper. If clinical trials in humans show that the vaccine is safe and effective, this could represent a nontoxic treatment for people with Alzheimer’s, and it could also be given early to help prevent Alzheimer’s in people at risk.
  • The TerraPower nuclear firm, created by Microsoft co-founder and noted philanthropist Bill Gates, said it has chosen a 2,800 strong city in the western US state of Wyoming as a construction site for its nuclear power plant pilot project. The selected site is located near the Naughton Power Plant, two remaining coal units of which are expected to retire in 2025. “People across Wyoming welcomed us into their communities over the past several months, and we are excited to work with PacifiCorp to build the first Natrium plant in Kemmerer. Our innovative technology will help ensure the continued production of reliable electricity while also transitioning our energy system and creating new, good-paying jobs in Wyoming,” Chris Levesque, the company’s CEO, was quoted as saying in a statement.
  • Since the new administration came into office, some couldn’t resist speculating that Harris may sooner or later become the next president given the questions surrounding Biden’s capability to perform his duties. As she is the first woman to hold the office, for some she seemed even more popular than the incumbent president. The relationship between the current US president Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris may be bad enough to lead to her dismissal, despite the fact that the White House does not want to give the impression there is a split between the two, Fox News’ “The Five” suggested Tuesday. “This is one of those things where the White House is expecting you to not believe what you’re seeing. You can tell there’s a problem here. We know it. They called a cabinet meeting for the first time in three months last Friday on the day when Kamala Harris was not even in the country,” anchor Dana Perino said, adding that the story about the controversy “started coming out” the subsequent weekend.
  • A score of US State Department employees became victims of mental health issues as a result of immense psychological strain and workload during the course of the evacuation campaign from Afghanistan, Politico reported on Wednesday citing six State Department officials. Frontline employees were full of desperation amid the disorganized environment in the State Department as they attempted to respond to thousands of calls and emails from US and Afghan citizens stranded in Afghanistan, the report said. In many cases, the officials said they did not know the scope of their authority and what they were allowed to do to facilitate the evacuation. “We’re not used to failure at State and in every single possible circumstance it was failure,” the report quoted one of the officials as saying. “You’re failing with the email, you’re failing with getting guidance on what we could do and what we could not do. We weren’t empowered enough. No one really understood what our policy was.”
  • Pentagon second-in-command Gen. John Hyten, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has offered new details on what the US knows about one of China’s recent alleged hypersonic glide vehicle tests. “They launched a long-range missile. It went around the world, dropped off a hypersonic glide vehicle that glided all the way back to China, that impacted the target in China,” Hyten told CBS News on Wednesday, referring to a test said to have taken place on 27 July.
  • The existence of the mysterious Planet Nine, hidden in the outer reaches of our solar system, which has long fired the imagination of astronomers, may finally have been proved. A new study claims it has assembled data pertaining to the mystery object which, although “not overwhelming”, is worth checking. In the hopes of making a breakthrough, Professor Michael Rowan-Robinson, from Imperial College London, turned to the archives. He was driven by the hope that there might be a “blip” in the old data to substantiate the planet’s existence. The study used parameters consistent with the mystery planet and modern computing techniques, allowing the astronomer to determine three potential sources for the elusive planet from June, July and September of 1983. The revisited data points to the satellite having picked out an object moving across the sky in a region of space close to the galactic plane.
  • Kīlauea volcano is erupting from a single vent in the western wall of Halemaʻumaʻu crater. As of this morning, November 17, 2021, lava is erupting at the summit. Activity has returned to levels observed prior to the brief decrease in activity. All lava activity is confined within Halemaʻumaʻu crater in Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park. Seismic activity and volcanic gas emission rates remain elevated.

News Burst 18 November 2021


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