Endless Choices – Laka – Pleiadian Collective ~ November 18, 2021


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Beloved Friends Of Light!

Do Not Fear Rumors Of Wars And Endless Darkness.

For Light Is There Before You To Open The Path You Seek.

When You Focus And Believe, You Create A Much Larger Scenario.

Choose Light And It Grows Exponentially To Assist The Shifting Of Perspective To Healing And The Merging Of Realms.

Choosing Light Over Darkness Is As Easy As The Moment I Choose The Craft I Wish To Travel In.

If I Am In A Playful State, I Might Contact Friends Who Would Enjoy Traveling With Me In A Craft With A Large Pool To Swim, A Few Large White Tigers To Pet, Great Food To Enjoy, And Always Plenty Of Laughter And Music.

For Serious Meetings, Especially With My Father, Elder IKAI, We Will Dress In Robes And Allow The Leadership Of Elders And Archangels To Set The Direction For The Crew.

There Are More Choices Of Crafts Than Can Be Explained In This Communication.

My Point, However, Is That You Also Have Endless Choices.

These Are Variables That Lead You Down A Path.

With Intention, You Have The Power To Choose Light.

This Will Always Bring You Closer To Peace.

Reacting Peacefully To Others That Annoy You Will Bring You Closer To Your Higher Self.

Where You Once Lashed Out And Found Fault And Judgement, You May Instead Find Yourself Observing And Holding Your Energy And Emotions In A Productive Manner.

Maybe You Once Spilled Your Energy All Over The Place And Felt Chaotic.

Now You Find Yourself Looking At The Situation And Becoming Calm.

Your World Is Shifting.

You Are Not The Same.

Some Of You Are Merging With The Higher Realms In Many Ways As You Fully Understand You Are Not The Same.

You Can Expect The Stabilizing Of Conditions To Touch Your Life As You Remember Who You Really Are!

Just As Darkness Will Grow Darker, Know And Expect That The Light Will Grow Much Brighter!

These Are The Moments Of Great Tribulation.

Circumstances Will Grow Far Worse With Many, But Those That Understand, Can Rise Above The Story And Remember The Goodness And Majesty That Awaits.

You Are Holographic In Nature And Yet Separate In Free Will.

As Duality Plays Its Ugliest Game Yet, You Are Miles Ahead.


Let’s Do This!

I Am LAKA And A Powerful Force To Come Against.

The Darkness Bounces Off Of My Energy!

Understand You Carry The Light And Darkness Can’t Come Near You In Truth!

Cleanse Your Aura And Field With White Light!

Give Commands Of Your Intention!

Be Grateful For Life!

Love One Another And Love Yourself!

Soon We Rise!

I Love You So!

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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