11:11 PORTAL ACTIVATIONS ~ November 12, 2021


Can you feel these super powerful Crystalline Diamond Plasma Lightbody and DNA Activations? Our crowns are receiving a huge amount of light and so is every atom and subatomic particle of ours, wowzies! Very tingly!! I’m feeling in between bliss and wanting to cry at times. Better today 😅, yesterday was a drag. Both mornings I have felt like I’ve been out drinking the night before and so much nausea and vertigo as we are rapidly shifting in Frequency. But besides much up and down, cranky mood and and achy body, we keep returning to and resting in the Zero Point Field within. In NO-TIME. In Neutrality. Where we feel what we need to feel as well as observe and transcend it all. It’s a bothand. That’s the Trinity. The Tri-wave. The energy current of the New Grid System. That’s how we embody this. When we hold all three states (both Polarities and Neutrality) within the Zero Point Field within, without any charge or friction between the three! Collapsing the lower Realities through the neutral Observer state. When we can act from a place of Neutrality in the highest interest of ALL, instead of influenced by the negatives ego subjectivity. These Lightbody and DNA Upgrades are no joke, we are and have been receiving massive amounts of cosmic rays and plasma infusions that are vastly accelerating the transformation of our physical bodies and Consciousness! So much is moving very quickly now as sudden shifts keep unfolding. Staying in the flow and flexible is a must, refraining from rash decisions, it is best to keep pulling it all within and keep going deeper to unravel it all. There is nothing to rush, as all unfolds organically and naturally now. Stay in the present NOW moment, let go of things that are unnecessary and stress you out. Our bodies require to be taken extra good care of and the more relaxed we can bez the better! We are receiving powerful Galactivations especially to our third eye, crown, mouth of God (8th chakra/ back of head), thymus and the HEART!! These super extra POW TO THE WOW HEART EXPANSIONS, ACTIVATIONS & HEALINGS are truly The Key to our BREAKTHROUGH THAT IS HERE NOW!! CAN YOU FEEEEEEL IT?!! Our Crystal Heart Complex is The Key to the integration with our Multidimensional Self and the StarGate to the higher dimensional Realities. THE KEY TO UNLOCK it ALL! The Key to our Freedom and Abundance! It’s the most important piece to our Lightbody and connection to Source and we have been receiving some very powerful Activations and Healings of late that have paved the way now for it all to come together and online! Like every moment, every breath, all and everything, has lead to this point. In NO-TIME. Our Heart together with Earth’s Heart and Crystal Core ready for the Finale! THE Most noticeable physical side effects I am noticing: Nausea, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, sinuses, hunger pangs, third eye/ behind eyes, body aches and pains especially around lower back and neck, massive Heart Openings and Expansions, kidney pains also connected to the blood/line clearing, Solar plexus – Power Activations. There has been a HUGE amount of iridescent White Diamond Rainbow Plasma light since this morning, purifying the grids and our and the Planetary Morphogenetic field. This is one of the three main layers I’ve been observing and working with. Also the Mother Arc, as the 13th Dimensional Aqua Ray, is assisting with the dissolution of the Frequency Net and re-encryption of the dark matter template. We had a new powerful Portal opening today which I see as a White Platinum light ray coming directly from Source, resetting our Blueprints to our Core Encryption Template, with Upgrades. This Ray brings COMPLETE PURIFICATION & HEALING OF THE MORPHOGENETIC FIELD. This ray is the precursor of The Event as I am perceiving it and is purifying ALL at accelerated speed now (yes even more so) connecting directly into the Crystalline Core of Earth that has received another powerful Activation today on the 11:11 as a result!! All is being prepared for the final Purification. Through the Reclamation of the Core Manifestation Template and Mother’s Cosmic Egg we are restoring our Blueprints back to ‘perfection’ at super quantum God-Source speed! The elemental matter is changing at subatomic level and supporting the Planetary body shift into higher density. The most beautiful Activation today that unfolded was the correction of the Planetary and Cosmic Sound harmonics within the Core of Earth. As I mentioned in my Cosmic Update video  I am seeing the 12 Krystic Dragon Luminaries positioned at the StarGate locations since Wednesday. The Crystal Eggs that to me represent the human tribal records (our True History and DNA records), they have been guarding, are still within the Crystal Core of Earth. As the White Platinum Portal opened and kept pouring light into the Core of Earth, the 12 eggs started to crack open to reveal three baby dragons within each, representing the 36 & 144 corrected sound and light harmonics (and DNA Strands), which were previously scattered and distorted. Especially related to the 3 lower Dimensions. Afterwards the Crystal Eggs closed again and started spinning and glowing, emitting the new sound harmonics! Dragons flew off, to clear the Grids of the not so good dragons and to further activate the Grids. These Activations are assisting in the re-coding, re-programming and re-essembly of our Multidimensional DNA Plasma Lightbody. I saw and felt myself turning into iridescent Diamond Plasma Light, that was pretty awesome!! I know the amount of gamma light can be very activating and not always easy to rest or sleep but if you manage to relax your body you will be able to tune into some pretty amazing, crystallizing, cutting through any remaining blockages, blissful love waves, directly from Source. Try to keep coming back to Neutrality as often as you can. Keep coming back to the peace that is always available deep within. These Frequencies can be very ungrounding, some of these tips may assist: earthing/ bare feet on grass, grounding foods like potatoes and carrots, stomp your feet on the ground/ jump up and down, go for a walk in nature like a forest, do something physical like cleaning or cooking if you have the energy, rest and sleep even if you find it hard to calm down, try deep breathing (exercises), clear your energy field, showers/ salt baths, essential oils, relaxing music and meditation all support, get a massage/ treatment etc. Also it is important to keep connecting to Earth’s Crystalline Core, her Heart with ours and the Heart of God-Source. You can for example visualize a beautiful White Platinum light all around you like a pillar of light all around your energy field, with a Cord of Diamond Rainbow Light in the middle of your central collum, connecting you through your Heart and Crown 👑 with Source and to the Earth’s Krystal Core. See beautiful Crystalline Rainbow Diamond liquid light flowing through all the Grids and Sacred sites, infusing and activating the New Grid System. It’s important that we ground and anchor these Frequencies into the Grid System, which also helps us release the energy through our body, especially when we can connect in Nature. Lastly, I want to mention that there certainly have been many tests and initiations for us, last exams tests before we get our PhDs! It’s basically a version of Groundhog Day or another until we ‘get it right’! Until our wounds and triggers no longer bring us off balance. When we have healed enough to no longer fall for the gaslighting and tricks. When we react and act in full Alignment with our True and Higher Self. So see the triggers and illusions for what they are and stop feeding them your precious life force energy. See past the smokescreen, the veils, masks and illusions. Keep FEELing THE TRUTH! That’s how we dissolve it all, by KNOWing our Truth no matter what this false Reality may be reflecting back to us. Because NOTHING IS AS IS SEEMS! When we know, we just KNOW, and this is what all of this is ultimately about. For us to be our own greatest Authority and trust our inner guidance system above all else. When there’s no more doubt left and only clarity remains, and WE REMEMBER FULLY AGAIN.. Any moment NOW 😉 And remember to keep DREAMing REAL BIG because all the limitations and boundaries are now removed & OUR BREAKTHROUGH IS HERE!! LETS DO THIS! YEEEHHAAAA!! 🥳 Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona 💙

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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