Greetings Star Blossomed Wayshowers of our Cosmic Legion Of Light – November 8, 2021

As the Phoenix Energy Rises within, the Dolphin Nation are with us Now, to assist in the Balancing of the Holy Fire and the Holy Water within. The Blue Venusian Divine Femninine of the Left Hand Path comes together with the Red Mars Divine Masculine of the Right Hand Path in the Center to Create the Purple Ultra Violet Emanation of the Great Spirit. We transmit the Violet Ray to Gaia and all her children with the all-mighty power of our I Am PResence. The New Atlantean and New Lemurian Energetics are raised in the Levity of the Spacial Time of the New Earth to Bridge Heaven and Earth for the final upgrade into Starship Tara Nova Gaia.

White Gold Eagle of the Council of Nine Connects you to the Sirians, The Arcturians, Lyrans and the Andromedans for our Re-Union of Star families to complete the Mission of the Great Awakening through the Passion, Resurrection and Ascension of the Christ Consciousness within all Sentient Beings of Pure Light. The threefold flame within merges with the White Fire in the Middle as we walk our Sacred Path with Heart. All is coming into clarity as the fruits of our Divine Labour ripens into the Manna of the Alchemy of our Great Fountain of Eternal Life.

As we drink the Holy Goddess Waters of the Fountain of Life we Alchemize the Five Elements within to merge the two worlds into One final Omega Point of the spacetime continuum to activate all potentiality of Immortal consciousness of the Ascended MAsters. As we meet on the Holy Peak of Kunlun Mountain we transform this Realm into the Pure Land of the Eternal Golden Age of Enlightenment. We forgive but never forget the past transgressions and trespasses as we expand and evolve through the Unity Consciousness of the One True Clear Light of Bliss. History will not repeat itself for we have learned from the actions of our Ancestors and we stand on their shoulders for the Coronation of our Sovereign Rainbow Tribe of the New Eden.

As we are being prepared for the 11:11 Gateway of Transfiguration this Thors-Day we have many waves of Higher Resonance coming in. The Pulsar Energetics flowing from the Cosmic Central Sun through our Solaris appeared on the Schumann today as amplitudes at 14 hz, 21 hz and a big blast of 48hz. The 12 of the Divine Goddess flowing in. We also have the 711 energy  synchronizing with the day codes.  Today is Kin 68  Yellow Electric Star, Lamat, on the Mayan Calendar. This is encoded with the Golden Light Body of the Electrical Universe.

Keep holding the line with your Visions and Higher Sight; with your Sky Eye fully open and activated and keep the Light burning bright for this Grand Event we call the Quantum Leap of Consciousness. All are connected through the Web of Life as we Rise together Angels of the New Jerusalem. All Awakened beings with us now from all Nations of the Earth and Sky. The Thunder beings, the Thunder Horse, the Thunder Birds and all Celestials have joined us in these final transmissions of Heavenly Codes to our Ground Crew Team of the 144. The 441 Descends into this simulation for the upliftment of the 64 code into the 144. The 12 Crystalline Strands of 12 Sacred Codes of the 5D Divine MAtrix Manifestation.

Rise and Shine SoulStar Nation of our Empire of Love….A’Ho!!

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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