A Breakthrough Message From The Galactic Federation – November 8. 2021


Beloved ones,

The following is a breakthrough message from the Galactic Federation. Through various ways of communication, we are attempting to reach as many people of Earth’s surface population as possible.
There is a network of consciousness that connects all things. You are made of this energy. You are energy. You are eternal. You are the light.
Ultimately, your Galactic family only wishes the best for you, dear human. We would never lead you astray. That is not our role in the liberation of this planet.
We are merely guiding you to the light so that it will shine on your path once again. Because you are never alone on this planet, dear human being, there are countless loving beings watching over you who will inspire you not to give up.
The human race has reached a crucial point in its history. Over the recent few years, there have been several distinct changes to your reality that have enabled you to break free from the artificial matrix on Earth.
The primary reason for our visit to your planet is to help you understand and awaken your full potential. Knowing how much energy we invested in seeing to it that you would complete all the steps in this process, we want you to know how deeply we care about you and how excited we are about assisting you to become the co-creators of your reality rather than remaining in a state of unconscious pawns.
We have designed this process to awaken human potential. It is not religious in nature, nor does it involve any ritual. It involves simple, powerful movements done with slow grace, resulting in stillness within with expanded awareness. This expansion brings you back to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance for more clarity and energy.
The most fundamental truth is that most people on Earth are asleep.
Not only are their five senses closed, but the mind has also lost contact with Being. The mind is conditioned to be asleep because it is full of memories. Memories of what you did yesterday, last year, ten years ago. Memories of who said this or did that. Memories of all your worries, fears, and concepts. The mind is full of them, and they prevent you from having a present-moment experience.
Many people live in a delusive sleep. They walk, and they run, they pursue pleasure and shun pain, but sleep continues as a basic condition of their life.
Also, a person who is in deep slumber is never conscious of their sleep. He feels as if he were wide awake, active, and alert. The sleeper forgets the sleep state and takes it for reality.
They are unconsciously living their lives. Without being aware of it, they’re doing everything mechanically like a robot. They’re working on something, thinking about something, and feeling something else. They are disorganized in body, mind, and heart. It is not possible for them to unite as a whole.
However, harmony with the fifth dimension can only be achieved when all of these elements come together as one as a whole.
Waking man up to his true nature is the only way out of the dilemma in which man finds himself. It is also the only way in which he can find a bigger, richer, more satisfying experience in tune with the Infinite. Man’s reality—his sense of what is real—must be expanded so that he will not be limited by narrow, petty, materialistic concepts.
To awaken is to give up living behind masks or to give up the pretense. It is an essential step in breaking out of the conventional roles and self-images they have constructed and in letting go of habitual ways of thinking and behaving.
The time for action is NOW.
The awareness of the true nature of your reality is increasing rapidly. Those who have been paying attention and sharing what they know are finding their increased numbers enable them to affect a greater number of people.
And whenever one of you awakens, that normally closed gate to the Fifth dimension opens, even for those who are still sleeping – this planet has so many people who are ready for the great shift, whether they are aware of it or not.
Who will awaken the others if you are all sleeping? If even one of you wakes up, the gate to 5D opens for the awakening of all of you because the one who is awake has the ability to shake all of the sleeping ones awake.
You ask how? You do this by making this frequency accessible to others by living the truth of it yourself.
As a lightworker, you have a higher purpose. You have a mission. You have a reason for being here. You have the ability to enlighten other people around you about their true nature.
You always show the way for others and help them achieve that inner awakening that allows other people to step out of the matrix.
We love you dearly.We are here with you.We are your family of light.
A’HOAurora RayAmbassador of the Galactic Federation
Channel and Art by Aurora Ray
Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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