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September 16, 2021: The Emerging Reality [videos] ~ Sept. 1


It’s been an interesting day already and it’s just begun. I learned that on September 3, a handful of emails I thought I’d sent actually went to the draft folder—in duplicate. And there they sat, unbeknownst to me until now. But I was led there and appreciate the guidance.

Right out of the gate, upon crafting a portion of this post I tried to save it and got an error message and had to go back and replace the lost text and video. Some days are like that.

So, if you have any issues with this website, wait a little and they may resolve. On the other hand, things that go away by themselves can come back by themselves. We’re at the mercy of our technology.

I simply cannot watch the train wreck that is and isn’t “Joe Biden”, but there’s plenty of fascinating information more relevant to a reality, as opposed to a fabricated illusion.

If you can’t handle the truth, best leave now.

Fact is stranger than fiction, as they say, and I advise everyone again to remain open-minded and not automatically pooh-pooh things that sound a little “out there”. They just might be true—or at least partially true. The deception has been massive and complete and I’ve been doing this a long, long time.

I’ve just had confirmation from one source that my initial intuition about the astonishing plandemic death toll in Italy was, in fact, a whole lot of pedophiles and probably pedovores. It seems to have been stop number one for the Earth Alliance in their “ethnic cleanse”. I certainly felt it could be no other way. The figures were staggering and couldn’t have mounted so quickly in so short a time if the average person was succumbing to a contagion; man-made or no.

The “virus” leapt from China directly to Italy in short order and the narrative just didn’t gel for me, despite reports that the population of Italy was largely over 82 years of age and were heavy smokers, there was a large Chinese population, and their health care system wasn’t up to par with ours.

I’ve always felt Q’s and Trump’s intel that the military was going to deliver the “vaccine” to eradicate the enemy is what has been happening under the guise of this plandemic.

This has been quite an operation; quite the “scare event”, I must say. I hope people are realizing this is not just about politics.

We may as well have been living in a hall of mirrors all our lives but those mirrors are crumbling as our arrows of truth shatter the lies.

Take this headline below, for example. I think you can see where this is going. The scamdemic is exposed as a fake. A hoax on the entire Human race. When there are cures, there is no pandemic. PLEASE SHARE THIS WIDELY and end the lie.

HUGE: Uttar Pradesh, India Announces State Is COVID-19 Free Proving the Effectiveness of “Deworming Drug” IVERMECTIN

The crew brings us this inspiring update below from Canadian patriots; one of whom is a police officer [Ontario Provincial Police] who reached his precipice.

The law is going to make a difference in this battle with the tyrants; if people will only wake up, learn their rights, and seize their unalienable freedoms. If people will take a stand, the Great White Gulag could soon be the True North Strong and Free again.

The Canadians have their Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Americans have their Constitution and subsequent Amendments.

We ALL have the Nuremburg Code which applies to every Human Being on the planet. We MUST refuse to comply because they cannot show just cause for anything they are doing to restrict us in any way from living a normal life.

No one can force us to engage in experiments without our INFORMED consent. If they can’t tell you what is in a “vaccine” or injection and prove it is effective, we have the right to refuse to engage. There is nothing to fear. THERE IS NO PANDEMIC! It’s a manufactured health crisis.

Stew Peters exposes the medical professionals are lying to us, under duress, of course.

Doctors THREATENED, Forced to Support “Vaccine” Narrative

Learn the three things you need to ask anyone who is trying to force you to relinquish your rights. We can keep it civil and orderly. But, as Chris suggests, we may be at the point where we turn the tables and citizens’ arrests may need to physically remove the offending tyrants’ freedom from them. That is lawful action. If law enforcement will stand with us as they should, it can happen. Lock them up!

Video at the link at SGT with Sean, Chris James, and Gabriel. There are no accidents. This “angel” just may be the catalyst law enforcement needs to rally for the cause. 42 min.


The crew also provided this website for the United States. If you are experiencing or anticipate needing to exercise your rights to protect yourself from the experimental injections or the loss of your employment, perhaps you want to check it out.

Constitutional Law Group

Here’s another educational piece from Dr. Joseph Farrell at The Giza Death Star concerning this article. I find his hyperlinks look like regular text.


John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.

The JFK Jr. acct on Telegram posted this:

My sister – Arabella Kennedy just joined Telegram. She was hidden from this world because she was a threat for many of ‘them’.

You won’t believe your eyes when you’ll see her. She is a fighter, she is fearless and no one can stop her!

She will post the classified information.


For anyone new, it has been established over the past several years and confirmed by at least one family member that JFK Jr. faked his death in the plane in 1999, and is alive and well and living a life in the shadows, along with his wife Carolyn and her sister, Lauren. In fact, they have children. The rest you’ll have to catch up on later.

As I repeatedly state: Nothing is what it seems. I repeat myself in case folks land on this website who have not been subscribed and haven’t heard these things before. Posts need to be stand-alone to some degree.

The Light has had to play a clever game to defeat the dark. They have had to go underground as well as infiltrate the Illuminati circles and do whatever is necessary to gain the upper hand for this time. They have changed their names, worn disguises, taken on new lives as in “witness protection”, and have remained well hidden until such time as The Plan dictates their return. This is far bigger than most can imagine.

It is indeed time for the masks to drop and the coverups and hidden truths to become known. Dark to Light. We are ready. Is the rest of the world ready? Probably not—but catchup time is nearly over. The clock is ticking.

It will be a relief to reach the point when lies and subterfuge are no longer needed and we can take everything at face value—with discernment, of course. If we have learned anything, it is to use our own discernment at all times because evil loves to confuse us.

If you think it’s odd to hide people for decades, then you may be interested to hear the following discussion with Charlie Ward, Negative 48, and others concerning, among other things, the Jesus bloodline and the efforts to end it. 58 min.


Jetson White has a Gematria lesson for us and teaches us a little about “decoding” the information we see and hear—because… you know… “Nothing is what it seems”. Good stuff. 40 min.

9/7/2021 Presentation w/Juan & Spaceshot76

We’ve heard that the Arcturians and others are bringing us gradual “disclosure” of our friends upstairs for those paying attention. The movies and television shows have been telling us for years but the sleepy Humans think it’s all fantasy and entertainment.

It’s odd that the control freaks gave Gina Hill such a hard time about showing the insectoids yet when I visited Themtube it’s what popped up in front of me unsought so… heeeeere’s Gina with Take #4!

The Ant People are Real!

If that didn’t rattle your cage, have a look at this EWARANON video below about the last planetary “reset”. The engineered DEpopulation and REpopulation of our planet. Don’t worry—he doesn’t mention “flat Earth” until the end just to promise he will eventually get to it.

There are a lot of interesting theories out there in the blogosphere, but I’m still waiting for someone to explain how the oceans stay on a wildly spinning ball in space where there is no gravity—according to lame NASA videos where they’re flying around the space station, hair askew, drinking through straws…

The subject material in the following video is disturbing on so many levels. Not only have they lied about our past, but they clearly knew what happened, photographed the evidence, tried to cover it up, and there was some kind of baby farming going on under the guise of “orphans”.

They had incubators of babies on display like an attraction at a state fair, and trains full of “orphans” shipped all over the world to be educated and indoctrinated into a new reality of the controllers’ choosing. It’s sick.

Slavery began long ago, and not with Africans brought to America on galleons to pick cotton and wait on the gentry of the southern United States.

In fact, the current psyop over the scamdemic has me wondering…

If they can convince people a killer flu virus is going to wipe out the Human race unless we take extreme measures, perhaps they could convince some of them they’re chosen to repopulate another planet or a space-based biosphere type of colony so Humanity doesn’t become extinct.

Of course, they’d actually be abducted to be slaves on another planet, never to return to Earth again. Didn’t SpaceX send a group of civilians into space recently? They’re working hard to get us to the “space age”.

We understand they have already done similar in the past and told the abductees that Earth was destroyed in a war and there is no planet to go back to. These monsters are beyond cruel.


There is nothing these psychopaths wouldn’t do and people had better realize who the enemy is and what they have done in the past or we may assist them in repeating it.

We know the tunnels beneath the surface of our planet have been used to breed hybrid creatures. The military has been storming the tunnels, rescuing babies and children from cages and destroying the facilities so they can never be used again. Hence, some of the “earthquakes”, like at the China Lake military base in California. It’s going to be quite a tale when all is said and done. 41 minutes.

The Lost History of Plane Earth by Ewaranon | Part Three

Humanity must learn that they have been docile slaves; serfs to the “royal bloodlines” who believe they are the keepers of the Human cattle and sheep. We have to now realize that if we live our lives ingratiated to the hand that feeds us, that hand may not always be there. What the hand giveth, the hand can taketh away—and take they have.

The coming days will reveal inconvenient truths to the masses. Many are waking up, but many are in abject fear of dying from a cold. It’s sad, but true. Wearing a mask while alone in your car? They need help.

In the mean time, we, the awakened have to tolerate and suffer the hoax along with the ones still in a trance. Jon Rappoport says it so well. We are wondering at the silence of the lambs. We need more Australian shepherds nipping at their heels.

The vaccinated sheep are being taken for a ride; how long before they jump off the train? Never?

Even Queen Romana is talking about the species who prey on Humans. She says, “were” as in past tense. Has the infestation been addressed? Link to Telegram.

Canada, to those of you who think we should pay homage to other inhabitants before the Indigenous peoples…

I AM certain you will not want to put on Canada’s Flag and pay homage to the non-human species that were living underground and had Humans as their staple foods!?

Canada, You want to pay Homage to this guy? It takes a bath first in animal or human blood before it devours Humans? You want its language on Canada’s Flag?

Many people have hit their precipice, but unfortunately, until a large number reach a point deemed a marker for intervention, the tyranny will continue. It seems cruel, doesn’t it. I believe it is. Have we not suffered enough? Is the soul growth sufficient to justify the means? There must be more to it, yes?

We have this little carrot to keep us going. A new (or recycled) character seems about to enter stage right. We’ve seen enough men playing women and women playing men, so why not a little split role playing? When you have people you thought were dead coming alive, anything is possible.

Durham Seeks Grand Jury Indictment of Perkins Coie, DNC Lawyer.

The remainder of September and October, as well, will no doubt be very eventful. Hopefully major breakthroughs are to come. In three days it’s the illegal Canadian Federal Election. Oh, goodie.

It’s Happening: Wendy Rogers Announces Arizona Election Audit Release Date of September 24th

Does ‘Red October’ mean Trump will be back that month?

I can’t believe the crickets over the stolen California election. Doesn’t anyone care? I expected an uproar. A dull roar, at least.

Sheriff Mack says we need to get our sheriffs involved—now! Listen to the Stew Peters interview.

Sheriff UNLEASHES on Communist Mandates: “We MUST ACT”

This just in. Border closures. That can mean certain actions about about to take place. What a lot of people want is the EBS/EAS notifications to finally tell the world the truth and wake them up but what we’ve been told is that the NESARA/GESARA announcements must come first. So they say. We’ll see what happens. It could be a ruse to confuse. The EBS could come first.

Texas Governor Orders 6 Points Of Entry Along Border Shut Down

We soldier on. Thanks to the crew for keeping the ship on an even keel while I’m away from the bridge. Watch for large asteroids and errant fireballs.  ~ BP

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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