September 2, 2021: The Enemy is Exposing Itself [videos] ~ Sept. 2, 2021

I am behind in the news and short on time because I’ve been supporting our friends, researching the scamdemic, and taking care of business.

New York experienced extreme flooding due to Ida blowing through. I’ve never seen anything like this until we had similar footage with the transit system in China recently.

JUST IN 🚨 All subway services in New York city suspended due to severe flooding

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) September 2, 2021

It’s not only the subways, though. Link to Telegram.

Here’s the agenda, pure and simple. Use technology to create extreme weather and blame it on “climate change”. This is “weather wars”, and both sides are duking it out as we witness “biblical” flooding in some areas.

People died in basement apartments in New York … assumably trapped by rapidly rising waters…just sit with that a moment…our dystopian future is now. We are living in a novel,& everyone ignoring climate change is an antagonist.

— MockMaturity (@mockmaturity) September 2, 2021

That is what psychopaths do. They don’t care who they hurt because their agenda involves mass depopulation anyway.

Ida’s record rain floods New York-area homes, subways; 21 dead

The truckers in Australia are serious and their mission is a success—so far. Here’s an update. Link to Telegram.

Brazil is following suit. Link to Telegram.

Medical murder is not a conspiracy theory; not any more. The Natural News article we shared confirmed what David Icke has stated; that the psychopaths have used multiple methods to kill the vulnerable… all according to plan. “End of life” drugs like Midazolam and Fauci’s prized Remdesivir—classified as “anti-viral” and prescribed at hospitals all over to treat Covid pneumonia.

There’s just one problem: The research I have found and have any faith in states that it’s not a “virus” that is harming people, it’s INFLAMMATION. By shooting up patients with an anti-viral with very little track record and not using the anti-inflammatories, immune boosters, corticosteroids, and other proven drugs for pneumonia, they are more likely to sign off on a patient’s death certificate.

My hunch about the Mayo Clinic appears to be correct. In the first few seconds of the video below I just happened to stumble on, they expose their agenda. They’re in on it. They’re not interested in healing, they’re interested in profit and the depopulation agenda.

Listen to the language: 101,000 Americans are in the hospital with Covid, fighting for their lives, many on ventilators and they’re unvaccinated, they claim. They suggest that is what is causing the “carnage”. They’re fanning the flames of fear, and because it’s the Mayo gods, people believe their lies about “proven effectiveness” of vaccines.

They’re effective, alright; at killing and maiming people. If what we’re hearing is true, the jabs are planting land mines in the Human body that will detonate at some point down the road unless we have some kind of Divine intervention or med-beds, or something that will reverse DNA damage and manipulation. The video may fool some, but not all. Take a look at the thumbs down vs. thumbs up! [on YouTube]

If the cabal’s bought-and-paid-for hospitals cured people, they wouldn’t make as much money and wouldn’t be as likely to convince the unwary to get the clot shot. They want patients who hang around and run up a tab while they fiddle around and pretend they’re trying to cure them.

Forecast: COVID-19 modeling shows 100,000 people in the U.S. could die over the next 3 months

Our friends asked the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale for Intravenous Vitamin C for the man of the house and they refused. They are NOT following the protocol many other doctors and hospitals have adhered to with great success—even when requested by the patient.

I watched videos and did research until late last night and the MATH+ protocol is widely recognized and used to cure “Covid” with a broad spectrum approach to boost the immune system, stop inflammation, block viral attacks, clear the lungs, and it works FAST.

Whatever Covid is, it is affecting some people and if it’s not handled properly and quickly, it can balloon into something very serious. Take a look; there’s really no room for error here. It’s our best shot for recovery.

Our friend didn’t make it to the hospital in the early stages because he was successfully fighting it off so now he needs high doses of certain drugs that he’s not getting, and the Mayo wants to get him in a study for that “experimental drug”. Bad idea.

His wife had to smuggle in the HCQ, Ivermectin and zinc last night. She got them from a compounding pharmacy in Mesa where a Texas doctor called it in. They had a “no masks required” sign at the pharmacy. The patient had his first decent sleep last night; 6 hours, so is a little better. Did the HCQ, etc. have an effect? Perhaps.

The patient really should check out of the Mayo, in my opinion, but he’s a little scared and doesn’t fully realize what’s going on. He knows enough not to get the jab, but he thinks the medical staff want to help and don’t know what to do to cure him. His wife is pissed with the Mayo and the Arizona medical industrial complex refusal to supply HCQ and is getting the picture but all I can do is share information.

The info coming from you, the crew, helped a lot. I shared it, and coming from you, it was different than coming from me. Thank you so much for your time and caring attention and prayers. I wish they would pull him and take him to a different hospital. Once he can get of oxygen they will probably make their exit. We need this guy back on his feet, teaching more patriots how to shoot! All his guns are not going to save him from the medical murderers.

The doctor in the video below, Dr. Been, explains the inflammatory/pneumonia condition presenting in “Covid” cases and the treatment really well  with illustrations. It’s not the virus, but inflammation that is causing the extreme problems and I understand it better now. The drugs that address the autoimmune issues work well for good reason. What is clear is that HCQ AND Ivermectin are found to work well in tandem and alongside many other drugs, vitamins, etc. to address a complicated situation.

The Mayo’s attempt to make the cure a big mystery by making it a “Covid-related pneumonia” and different from other pneumonia is just a ploy. Then they use Fauci’s deadly Remdesivir and enroll patients in studies for “experimental drugs”.

The standard of care at this hospital is appalling. Thousands of doctors have been documenting their results with patients all over the world for almost a year and there is no need to guess. They used decades of research to establish a superior way to deal with Covid. It’s no mystery how to treat it at this point and that’s why the survival rate is 99% for most people. Our friend should have been discharged and well by now.

I hope this segment helps other people dealing with similar issues. Covid is nothing to fear. The compromised hospitals are the ones to fear. We have to take responsibility for our own health and force them to comply or expose them for non-compliance to accepted and proven practices. We shouldn’t give them a cent of our [or insurance] money if they refuse to do what we want. If they won’t, we should go elsewhere.

A few key takeaways from the video below [1 hr]:

Early treatment very important but reluctance of medical staff to use anti-inflammatories and steroids has been problematic.Early intubation and respirator will cause the condition you are trying to prevent and permanently damage the lungs.Immune support is key.

I know there is a great deal of evidence that the dark’s plan was to use 5G in the ultimate NWO Agenda but I am confident that the US Military has done what was necessary to neutralize that threat. A lot of planning and preparation over years went into the schedule of events that would unfold in this time and that is one precaution they had plenty of time to implement behind the scenes. Despite what the fear porn suggests, I choose not to dwell on the 5G. There are more pressing issues.

If you listened to the interview with Simon Parkes from the other day, you are well informed and reasonably confident in the process. He specifically said that the Plan isn’t based on dates, it’s based on a sequence of events that must unfold. They happen when they happen. He went so far as to say the White Hats don’t even know a date.

One of the criteria, as we know, is the state of awakening globally in the Human population. As we’ve heard, events will get more extreme, more outrageous, and more in-our-face until such time as we have 80% of Humanity realizing at least part of what has happened and ready to engage and do something about it.

From what Simon suggested, the military will engage just before it seems all is lost; and in America, Trump or someone will afterward step in to lead the nation; when people realize the previous administrations were beyond corrupt and just plain evil.

As difficult as it is to grasp how so many can fail to recognize what is unfolding with the degree of tyranny and communistic tactics, many are so programmed they only think what they’re told to think. The media lays out their reality for them and that’s the only spectrum of light they exist within, and it’s barely a glimmer. The lights are barely on in their heads.

Some feel that September 11 would be the ideal date to announce NESARA/GESARA and the new Quantum Financial System, tax reform, etc.

Others are saying September 11 may bring martial law; that it would be an ideal time for the military to finally step in, and take control of the Republic, deploy globally and make mass arrests, perhaps, and whatever elements of The Event still need to unfold to turn this crisis around.

I tend to agree that some very good news on that fateful anniversary might help undo the trauma-based mind control the psychopaths used to whittle away at Humanity.

In nine days, we’ll find out what stage we’re at; or if we’re “just not there yet”.

If you like connecting dots and decodes, you might like this:

Oh🤯! We saw it! We had this in July.
👉🏻239 = W9. See them in purple. “3 Likely pandemic…”
I literally just did the TRIPLE CROWN last night😳
As we know corona = crown 👑 Of course there will be 3.😒
3 X a charm
777 is the age of time. I’ll add below.@LovesTheLight @ZenOfTupac

— WarriorAnjill 🕊 (@WarriorAnjill) September 1, 2021

Here’s a bit of a twist on the Poppy Bush funeral that we never seem to be able to put to rest; pun intended.



— Trilby Smith (@TrilbySmith2) September 2, 2021

What many agree on is that the likelihood of false flag events climbs dramatically with the approach of 9/11, and story behind that life-changing event 20 years ago is a gargantuan and inconvenient truth America and the world still have to assimilate.

Is this blatant enough for the doubters? This discussion with James Corbett of The Corbett Report explains how the cabal have been operating for decades. The terror is planned well in advance and at this particular time when Humanity is waking up, the dark forces are grasping desperately at ways to wrest control from the White Hats and keep people from analyzing what is happening. Also, we already have “medical martial law” but so many don’t see it. They think we’re stupid. Forewarned is forearmed, and they love to tell us what they’re going to do. 13 minutes.

Red Alert: False Flag Incoming!

This is interesting…

Hiring for internment and resettlement, and corrections staff. Link to Telegram.

They are hiring for education camps in America FEMA is preparing for the takeover we thought was too crazy to be true.

Is there hope for the future that we can ever rid the planet of the satanic bloodlines? Queen Romana posted the following: Link to Telegram.

Q & A, children of the evil doers

Q: Queen Romana, trying to follow the rules hopefully I am doing this right. My question is what happens to the spawn (children) of these evil people? If their seed is left can it grow back and attack us again ?

A: Those whose bloodlines have committed genocide/crimes against humanity- their entire Family is wiped out and their DNA strain is removed. Permanently gone from Planet Earth.

We need to remember this when we hear about the death tolls. Some of the casualties are the enemy.

LT’s newest is below from And We Know. 1 hr.

9.1.21: Stay ENCOURAGED! We are on the WINNING TEAM! PRAY!

Jetson White brings us a lighthearted music video most people will really like. Check out the credits. Lyrics by Jetson.

Secret Agent Man 107 – New Ending

Farewell for today, friends. I hope you prepared for whatever you believe might be coming.  ~ BP

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