August 29—Sunday Supplemental: The Wheels of Justice Turn Slowly, But They Do Turn [videos] ~ August 29, 2021

Had to share these few things I just found:

More on the coverup about a death. I believe the truth should be told.

Robert David Steele has passed apparently.

I don’t see anything in the news yet, but David Nino Rodriquez is saying so on Twat.

Alternative Source

Some people were fooled. RDS attacked mostly women, like Dr. Katherine Horton and Sarah Westall for talking about Human trafficking and exposing RDS/Sacha Stone’s front company the ITNJ. There was no justice in the International Court for Natural Justice. “Natural” means the perverts get to do whatever they want without consequence. Naturally.

Steele also viciously attacked Canadian crusader Kevin Annett for exposing Human trafficking and murder.

Ask Jason Goodman at Crowdsource the Truth and his team how it went with RDS. After agreeing to do a show with them and reneging, Steele filed a lawsuit against them and threatened to add ME to it when I shared the video Goodman published stating what Steele did. Why did Scott McKay refuse to work with the clown any more on the tour this summer?

Steel is probably not who you think. He and his buddy at Veterans Today Gordon Duff had a plan to get elected into the upper echelon of the government—that failed. After Trump was elected Steel also bragged about being able to solve the wall problems in mere days.

From what I could see, Steele (doubt if it’s his real name) hooked up with various patriot truthers to steal their subscribers so he could get more donations and build his fake empire as a patriot while he did whatever it was he did behind the scenes to further the cabal’s agenda—and his own.

He mentored a nobody named Jordan Sather and put him on the map. Steele was the first person Sather ever interviewed on YouTube. Coincidence? Many people have said Sather is a shill but eyes and ears are still closed.

Steele was all smiles for Jordan’s interview, but when Jim, the Unknown Lightwarrior had him on the Ground Crew Command radio show, Steele was rude, condescending, and wouldn’t answer some of Jim’s questions. Jim politely responded, “Understood.” I couldn’t believe my ears, but Steele continued to disappoint over the years and showed who he really was.

Robert David Steele was a nasty con man and the world is now a better place. I knew it was only a matter of time before he was taken out. The White Hats allowed him to go with people believing he died of Covid. I would not have given him the privilege. I suspect he had a tribunal and was sentenced as a traitor. A message to the rest, perhaps?

The exclamations of disbelief on Telegram about the death are disappointing but someone in the know posted the following in the comments there. Thank you White Hats for doing the right thing. What took you so long? Question withdrawn.

I just heaved a big sigh of relief. Truly. The sun is shining a little brighter today.


Hi Queen Romana, I have have admit that when you first announced your presence I was a skeptic. For you see, we’ve been lied to our whole lives. It’s hard to know who to trust. I got banned from your main page for asking too many questions and sowing the seeds of doubt. But never the less I was still able to follow you, and join new pages you created. I received financial help from a kind soul on your Grocery page and I since have wanted to comment in your favour on your new posts. Would it be possible to get the block reversed? I no longer wish to question your authority, merely learn from your teachings and help transition in to the light. Thank you for all you’ve done. We now have full shelves in our pantry due to a community you created.

Link to Telegram

There is a lot of amazing stuff on Romana’s page.

Canada 2.0,
On behalf of all Canadians I would like to say thank you very much to our Good Samaritans whom have been buying Groceries and paying essential bills for Individuals/Families from Coast to Coast to Coast.

And, to those buying and donating Hay for our Farmers to feed their animals in in four Western Provinces:
Manitoba and

Thank you for paying it forward.

This is what Canada 2.0, is all about. We are one big Family.

IF, someone is in need – the whole Family pitches in whatever they can.

And so it is…🙏

I forgot to include this in the Sunday Digest.

Proof of vaccine to be required for some non-essential businesses in B.C., officials announce

Do you think Canadians will take to the streets like in other countries? Probably not until the Americans do, would be my guess. There have been protests in a few big cities but I don’t think it would get to the proportion of London, Berlin, etc. but  maybe they’ll surprise me. They are definitely getting out to the Trudeau visits in various towns and heckling the hell out of him.

APPROVAL is legally distinct compared to AUTHORIZED. Both Pfizer and Moderna “vaccines” have NOT been approved by Health Canada @hortascat @EffieGib @TweetrDon45th @shibby3235

— baystreetwiseguy ❌ (@Bay_St_Wiseguy) August 27, 2021

Justice still to come. September 11 approaches.

Something is missing in this video on Telegram. I don’t see any planes. Do you see any planes? Link to Telegram.

No movie magic from the media. There were no planes, except on TV.

No plane at the Pentagon that day, either. It was a missile. I’ve shared this many times, but now is the time.

And now I really must go.  ~ BP


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