Ramona Lappin ~ August 15, 2021


Intense amplification since Wednesday night of Diamond Plasma Light Codes, Photonic light, Platinum White Ascension – & Cosmic-Rays and continue to build and re-encrypt our Blueprints & realities at ever increasing speed. A strong purification of the field and at personal level. Since Sunday time feels ever more accelerated.

Powerful Pineal and Third Eye, causal & crown chakra openings as we’re deepening and clearing our connection to our Higher Identities and God Source as all merges, unifies, blends and synchronizes. One may experience headaches, head pressure, tooth ache, flu (frequency light upgrades) type symptoms, nausea, emotional releases, downloads, brain fog, tension, anxiety, expanded state of consciousness, reality feel surreal, all looks more crystalline/ bright etc..

Timelines are shifting again and we’re about to find out what we have created… yet all remains fluid and open as the future is written / decided as we walk our path. We’re merging/ synchronizing with the 12D Aurora Earth Template. This has been becoming more and more prominent in meditation these past two weeks, which started on the 29th of July when a huge portal opened up, bringing higher Frequency plasma light codes. Also our alignment to Andromeda is coming more and more online/ realigned and the Grids are sparkling in pastel iridesent plasma rainbow colours, getting ready!! We’re also having huge Galactic support!! ALL IS COMING TOGETHER!! I can feel the calm anticipation…

HUGE upgrades to the DNA & Diamond Plasma Lightbody. Unification of Multidimensional aspects. Gifts and abilities continue to build in strength. The Truth arises from within.. Secrets about to be revealed ..

We’re releasing past memories and with it emotions may arise. Themes around self-worth, -love, -confidence and -doubt. We’ve got to go through it to come out the other end. We have to go through the sad to get to the happy, it’s part of the cellular release that’s happening. Feel it, bring it up and out, release, rebalance, deep breaths, move on!

It’s also very important for us to truly forgive now, to leave the past behind, so we can move on. Forgive ourselves and all others. We can’t take the baggage with us. Just embrace all that arises and know none of it defines you, yet all was necessary to learn the lessons we came in here for, to now know better. That’s what it’s all ultimately about. Allow it all to be released. The more you allow the clearing and healing process without resistance the easier and quicker it goes.

It’s Graduation time for many. We’ve passed the tests. Mission accomplished! COMPLETION! Let’s see what is next.. but remember, we get to co-create the ‘future’ consciously now!

Plenty of water intake, rest, self care and nature/earthing support!! Tomorrow is Friday the 13th! Goddess day, which promises to be another powerful energy! We got this! 💪🦁👑 And remember, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, especially if you BELIEVE! 🥳

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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