Greetings DreamMakers of the Divine Matrix of Fifth Dimensional Harmonic Resonance! ~ August 15, 2021

Editor’s Note: It’s great to learn of the importance for my job-related travel. Working in various locations has been the conduit for me to expereince BEing at Mt. Shasta, the crystal beds in Arkansas, and to learn why I worked in Charleston, SC.

ow! These journeys were not only of practical importance, but for important spiritual implications as well. Thank you for your presence as we All journey together into our New 5D Earth, leaving us All to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Time is of the Essence and it is time to spread your Etheric Wings and Rise, Fly High into the Light transmitting your Gold Ray of Purification and Transmutation.

We had another day of Massive Waves of Gamma Plasma Frequency coming in directly from the Great Central Sun, Hunab Ku.

With these Pulsing waves we received many new Codes and Creations of the Quantum Source Library of Amenti. These are direct links to Shambala, the Temple of Paradise.

In this Light we are guided home through the gateless gate. Releasing and resolving all that no longer serves us or hue-manity in this final purge and purification.

With these intense currents flowing in we had many activations all over the grids of Pachamama. We had a most powerful expansion and release in Haiti manifesting as a M7.2 earthquake and many powerful aftershocks. These are connected with the Divine Masculine New Atlantis Consciousness. In the Crown of Lemuria today we had a M6.9 Quake activating and opening the Rainbow Bridge in Gaia and all her children. Also many more activations in the Root Chakra of Gaia in the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands home of the coiled Serpent, close to Antarctica. All Three Dan Tians, the Holy Trinity, are fully opened and activated for this Great Flowering of Human Consciousness.

As we Shift and Transform into the New Hue-mans of the New Earth, fully Awake and fully Aware. This is the Great Awakening of the Christ Consciousness and Buddha Consciousness within the Heart and Mind of our 144,000 Ground Crew Angels of Heaven on Earth.

Allow your Awareness to travel deeper and deeper within. Through all layers, all levels of perception, through the Void and directly into Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery. Keep Rising, Rising, Rising into the Holiest of Holies, the Sacred Temple of the Soul Star Spark….A’Ho!!

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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